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Insulinoma in ferrets requires a great deal of dietary management following surgery. Your veterinarian will likely recommend four to six small meals a day to prevent stressing the pancreas. Follow-up exams will be required to evaluate the ferret’s blood glucose levels and ensure the insulin is not increasing in the blood. Most ferrets have a positive prognosis following surgical removal of the nodules on the pancreatic organ. As with all forms of tumors, the prognosis varies from patient to patient, so a proper veterinary consultation is essential.

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Weakness of any origin is manifested in ferrets as weak legs and a desire not to walk. Causes might include Insulinoma,gastric foreign body (rubber objects and hair balls are common), gastric ulcers, etc. Your first objective should be to get some source of calories into him (we syringe feed Glucerna, a liquid diet for people with diabetes, but you can use duck soup if he will eat it).Then get him to you vet for xrays they may need to do a barium study.
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May 1, 2011 - Dietary changes are equally important in the management of insulinomas in ferrets By ensuring the ferret eats frequent small meals, you can attempt to intercede before the BG gets low enough to cause a crash. However, If you miss a feeding or when the insulinoma becomes too severe to control by diet alone, the ferret will still crash. Picture something like this

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Diets containing carbs (kibble!) force the pancreas to produce more insulin than it normally would on a species appropriate diet. Constantly producing insulin at greater than normal levels puts a lot of strain on the pancreas. Eventually, this constant strain on the pancreas causes insulinoma to develop. In a ferret with insulinoma, the Beta (β) Cells of the Pancreas (special cells that create insulin and live in clusters called “Islets of Langerhans”), have become diseased. Two main things happen:

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To help prevent insulinomas, feed your ferret a good high protein, low sugar, low simple carbohydrate diet. Avoid feeding your ferret any treats that contain sugar. While feeding your ferret a proper diet will not guarantee they won't get insulinomas, it is a good way to ensure good overall health.1/6 tablet Viokase (from your vet - Viokase is a combination enzyme thatstarts breaking down the food before your ferrets eats it)Insulinoma -1 can Science Diet A/D or jar baby food