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Some ferret owners will opt to feed their ferrets whole prey. This is feeding a ferret much like their diet would subsist of in the wild. This means feeding the ferret a variety of whole carcasses such as baby chicks and mice/rats. In some countries it is illegal to feed ferrets live whole prey. Therefore, as it is with many reptile owners, ferret owners will feed humanely killed and frozen carcasses by a trustworthy supplier to their ferrets.

But, now we know better… we can now take this knowledge and create a healthy diet for our ferret/s.

Feeding Recommendations: Ferrets of all ages should have food and fresh water available at all times. Young Ferrets (6-11 weeks old): It is important at this age to sufficiently moisten the diet for your young ferret. Mix three parts warm fresh water to one part Marshall Diet (3:1 ratio). Allow the mixture to sit for three to five minutes. Add more Marshall Diet or water until it reaches a wet oatmeal consistency. Keep some dry diet available at this age so your ferret will adjust to a completely dry diet by the time it is 12-13 weeks of age. Adolescent and Adult Ferrets (12 weeks and older): By now, your ferret should have converted to the dry diet. Keep fresh water and Marshall Diet available at all times.

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The advantages of including these items in your ferret’s diet include: There is no hard and fast rule as to whether pre-packaged, raw or whole prey foods are best for your ferret. Some owners use a combination of all of these. However, if your ferret has been eating solely a pre-packaged diet, it may be a challenge to introduce raw or whole prey foods at first. Many owners find that combining the raw or whole prey with the pre-packaged food acclimates their fuzzies to their new diet fairly easily.

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Can i give my ferret a bone? The short answer is yes, but do avoid cooked bones. As a responsible and loving owner of a ferret, it is important to make sure you feed your pet a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. Ferrets are carnivores that in the wild would consume entire animals including the bones, meat and organs. So yes it is possible to feed your ferret bones but make sure that the bones are not cooked. Cooked bones […]

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Wysong is committed to formulating and manufacturing genetically appropriate diets for ferrets. Wysong’s ferret product offerings stand in stark contrast to numerous commercial food offerings that are not necessarily reflective of this obligate carnivore’s true nutritional needs.Long, lithe, intelligent and energetic, ferrets are predatory carnivores and need a diet containing at least 34 percent protein and 22 percent fat, according to the Humane Society. Before commercial feed was available, pet ferrets ate cat and dog foods, but these aren't really suitable. A variety of ferret pellets and raw food is the best diet. If fed a range of foods from a young age, these fussy eaters are less likely to develop food fads.