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How you feed your newborn is the first nutrition decision you will make for your child. These guidelines on breastfeeding and bottle feeding can help you make the decision that's right for you and your baby.

Size and number: The number of bottles you'll need to own can range from about 4 to 12, depending on whether you'll primarily be bottle-feeding or breastfeeding. Start with 4-ounce bottles. They're perfect for the small amounts of breast milk or formula newborns eat in one sitting.

As with the best baby bottles for newborns, finding the best baby bottles for preemies means finding bottles with slow-flow nipples. Moms of preemies love Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Preemie baby bottle because of the specially designed preemie-flow nipples. Dr. Brown’s Preemie baby bottles also have the original vent system to help reduce gas, colic and all of the other issues that make for an irritable baby at feeding time.

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There's not a lot of mystery behind feeding baby a bottle — for either you or your baby — since newborns can typically figure out how to use one pretty easily. Yes, even newborns can drink milk from a cup. They don’t gulp it down like grown-ups. Instead they lap it up like kittens. Infants who are given supplements in a cup are less likely to get nipple confused and more likely to go on to successfully breastfeed. Some nurseries have used cup-feeding in infants with gestational ages as young as thirty weeks. Research has shown that not only is it possible for preemies to drink from a cup, but they also maintain a more stable blood-oxygen level during cup-feeding than during bottle-feeding.

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Once you have put together your shiny new bottle collection, you may be wondering when you can put it to use. The answer to this question is simple for those who are planning on formula feeding. Because your newborn will want to eat right away, you can put those fancy food vessels to use right away.

- Medical experts say breastfeeding is best for newborns