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Keep wildlife fed and healthy during hunting season and through the colder months when food is scarce with help from a solid deer feeder. Digital with variable speed settings and timers offer easy programming, and some even let you adjust the dispensing radius, so deer can locate your feed from a set distance away from the hopper. In order to prevent your feed from getting pilfered by birds, rodents and other unwanted animals, grab deer feeder parts with varmint guards, so you can be sure only bucks, does and fawns are enjoying the feast you've laid out.

The Digital Game Feeder Timer does not have a port for the Solar Power Panels.

If your feeder looks like the one below, then you have the correct timer. FEEDER NOT INCLUDED. This listing is for the timer only.

American Hunter FeederMax Digital Feeder Timer Kit | Bass Pro Shops

Outdoor type Super Feeder combo with 12VDC timer for battery operation By comparison, I have been running the same programmable Moultrie 6 volt I picked up for $40.00 in 2008, which sits out year round, with no problems. I place a 6 volt Energizer in it in September of each year, set it to feed 2 times a day for 5 or 6 seconds, and the corn is usually gone by February or March, but I just allow it to continue to spin to keep it from freezing up. Each September when I swap out for a new battery, the old battery still has anywhere from 50-75% battery life remaining according to the battery meter on the LCD timer display.

American Hunter R-Kit Feeder Timer Kit | Bass Pro Shops

I purchased 2 Moultrie Feeder timers direct from moultrie last month. THEY DO NOT WORK OUT OF THE BOX!!!! One will cease to function on its own and the other will continually feed once plugged in...

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Dc timers for Super Feeders or personal projects- required if you do not have access to a 120 Volt outlet. You can use most of these timers with a 12 Volt battery. There are many different Dc timers available with various voltage ranges 6-48 Dc or Ac. Digital or Analog programming. 15 amps average contact current ratings. Outdoors weather proof 120volt timers and power adapters- Perfect set-up for your outdoor Super Feeder®. There are various timers and power adapters available. Please click image to see particular item or go to