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Oh, i had gotten a fancy hamster from the pet strroe, do not know how old she is, nut she is anout 2 inches big. i chase her around because when i put her on the floor, she just runs! she might go under my dresser, and then-you know what i mean. i need help trying to train her to be non-nocturnal. my friend just plays with her all day so shes pooped at night, does that work? well my hamster-Hazel-likes to explore, she will not stay still for one minute!!!!!, will this work for her? i tried giving her a treat from my hand but she wont eat from my hand and when i throw it in the cage she'll come running to eat it. sometimes i think a male would have been a better choice, because they seem more docile.

A light tan Fancy Bear Syrian hamster spins in its small cage at PetSmart in Port Richmond Center.

For hamsters, more specifically Syrian hamsters (I'm not touching any dwarf hamsters), it doesn't seem like escape is as much of an issue since I think they're a tad bigger. So can they be kept in a cage? Are those fancy "hamster cages" okay? You know, the ones with the tubes and all. They seem really fun, but hard to clean and I would think hyper little rodents with sharp teeth could have a lot of fun chewing the plastic up. Would a regular cage (like a rat cage) be okay? Or do the prefer burrowing so a tank filled with bedding would be better?

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This is your hands-down basic hamster cage. It doesn’t have any fancy whirly-gigs or doodads. It is just a hamster cage. I just got two fancy dwarf hamsters and live in the same cage and they like each other. one of them got lose the first day because he jumped at my when i opened the door to give them food. but my dad caught him and he was making squeaking noises. now i think an experience like that he would be harder to train. Is that true? I also found out sunflower seeds are very fatining so get the plets and give 1 a day per hampster. plus, they like cabbage. that's what the pet store lady said. Plus, alora, i don't know you but i know the answer to your question.

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These fancy cages can provide hamsters with an interesting variety of space, allowing them to crawl through tunnels and move around more. They are also visually appealing, and you can let your creativity flow when creating these habitats.

The Qute Hamster and Gerbil Cage could be just what you're after