The 5 Best Beard Trimmers That Give You The Perfect Trim [July 2017]

We already touched on the fact that Wahl’s blades are very sharp. That’s a good thing, but take extra caution when using the 8110, especially if you’re a neophyte to the clipping game.

As a leading manufacturer of hair clippers and facial hair trimmers, Wahl has long supported...

This is without a doubt the best battery powered clipper that is currently on the market in 2017. This is a fairly new product that was released early 2015 and it was about time. It comes with the usual wide array of Wahl combs and attachments that are meant to cover every piece of hair on your body, and the design and durability are top notch. Factoring in everything, this is unanimously the top choice that money can buy.

Jul 5, 2017 - Here's our REAL review of the best beard trimmers 2017

New Handsome Men Body Nose Nasal Ears Eyebrow Facial Hair Clipper Trimmer Shaver What is special about the Wahl Balding Clipper over a standard Wahl Clipper for hair? The balding clipper cuts closer and is more precise. In turn, your shave should look better.
What is the opinion of the Skull Shaver? Versus an electric face shaver? Ergonomics, and a concave design which is better for head shaving.

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Another not-be-overlooked feature of the Panasonic ER430K is its micro-vacuum system. This allows users to whisk away clipped nose, ear and facial hair as they trim, without leaving a mess in the sink. And no mess means no clean-up – or leaving behind a trail of little hairs that’s sure to incite the wrath of the person(s) you live with. Note: It’s the only nose hair trimmer that comes with a built-in vacuum.

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You too can become a Jedi, but much like Luke Skywalker, becoming a Jedi requires brushing up on your technique and skills. To better learn the art of shaving, start . Pay attention to which direction your facial hair grows, avoid shaving against the grain and don’t stretch skin while you shave or repeatedly shave in one area. Make sure to open your pores with a warm towel before shaving and close them by using cold water. If you’re using clippers, don’t place clippers directly on the skin but maintain a close shave.Seeing that I have a that has me looking like a street walker within weeks (which works out great during the winter season), it wasn’t hard to test a large amount of beard trimmers on the market in a short period of time. The goal was to find the best beard trimmers out there – ones that would not only leave you with an evenly cut beard when all was said and done, but were also both easy and comfortable to use. Keep in mind that although you can just use your set of clippers you use for buzzing your head, they won’t let you dial in the details quite like a pair of trimmers dedicated to your face. These devices were designed specifically for the contours and softer skin on your face. We tested both battery powered, and corded versions to find the best performing groomers on the market. Keep in mind that while cordless models are more convenient, and often more ergonomic (no messy cables getting in the way), you will be sacrificing power more times than not. So stop wasting time doing the research, wondering which to purchase. Check out our list of the 7 best beard trimmers on the retail market – in no particular order.