Frequently asked questions about exercise pens and kennels.

A dog exercise pen is a great way to provide your new Miniature Schnauzer puppy a safe place to play when you cannot supervise him. And if you don't already have a fenced in yard, a pen can provide a safe enclosure for your new puppy to enjoy the outside world without being on a lead. This way your Schnauzer can be included in all the outdoor family activities without you worrying about him roaming around the entire yard freely where he could get hurt.

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And if you have a pet that will run when you open the door, it’s much better to put them in puppy play pens than to allow them to scratch at your bathroom door or bolt out of the house. Exercise pens for dogs will be able to let your pet expend some of this energy without feeling the need to run out the door with you frantically chasing behind.

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Exercise Pens For Puppies‎ In addition to the length and width of an exercise pen, consider its height. Many pens are designed to be only a few feet high. If a pen will be used only for a puppy, this may be suitable, though larger dogs are liable to jump out. In this case, look for products that have a cover built from the same material as the sides, or find models with high walls. Keep in mind that high-walled pens are more difficult to transport.

Recommended for dogs 8 to 44 lbs

You’ll find puppy playpens, indoor dog pens and you can even buy an outdoor playpen, which is great when trying to train your pet. There are even models designed for exercise, which every pet, whether a puppy or adult, will need plenty of to grow and stay strong.

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ADD A CRATE TO THE EX PEN for a great puppy play room. Use the optional top to the ex pen (see separate pin) to provide a secure play area. 500 Series Black E-Coat Exercise Pens, Midwest 500 Series Exercise PensExercise pens are great for many breeds of dogs, especially for those with an active disposition. Puppies in particular are great candidates for pens, allowing you to contain them and monitor their play. Unfortunately, larger breeds may be able to knock them over, defeating the entire purpose of the pen.