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Since our daughter turned two (She is three now) she has played with Play Doh. Some of the playsets are a little too advanced (Like the Play Doh Disney Prettiest Princess Castle) while others are a little to basic (Like the Play Doh Disney Princess Rapunzel Crown Create Set), however the Play Doh Sesame Street Color Mixer is almost perfect. It is fun, educational, and easy enough to use that little hands can manipulate the crank. The Color Mixer allows you to make, and teach your child, how the three primary colors can make other colors - our daughter was fascinated.

- You can make a variety of shapes - grapes, orange slices, the sun, tomatoes, and an apple.

- Comes with an interactive picture mat so that you can find the shapes in the picture and make the shapes.

Final Verdict- The Play Doh Sesame Street Color Mixer is an ideal toy for any child who likes Sesame Street or if they have a natural curiosity about colors - Recommended.

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In this toy video, Snappy presents some popular Sesame Street Elmo Toys. Featured Elmo toys are the Tickle Time Elmo Doll, Holiday Rocking Elmo, LOL Elmo who can not stop giggling, and the sleepy time Lullaby Elmo. All Elmo toys can be activated by squeezing Elmo's foot or hand to make him speak or giggle.

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Sesame Street Pals | Sesame Street Toys | ELMO, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Oscar, Ernie & Bert Dance The agreement covers all Sesame Street toys, but Julie Duffy, a representative for Hasbro, said it’s “too early to tell” which toys it will continue making, including the popular Tickle Me Elmo toy.

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Toy maker Hasbro Inc. said Monday it will make and market toys and games based on well-known Sesame Street characters, such as Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster.

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