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Other objects and materials including vegetation, sticks, fallen trees and non-insulated posts that contact charged wires can also create a partial or total closed circuit. This partial or closed circuit can result in a reduced electrical charge (voltage) and an inadequate shock to repel bears that contact the charged wires. For these reasons, fences should be checked and maintained regularly to address this potential problem. our maintenance check list.

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Electrification is Easy
Putting the "electric" in electric netting requires little time and few components. Both low-impedance battery or mains energizers (110/120) are suitable to power electric netting and a minimum .25 output joule energizer should be used per net (Ex. Four nets require a minimum 1-joule energizer). A ground rod is required for electrification. The final components are jumper clips, which are used to connect the energizer to the ground rod (green clip) and to the net (orange clip). Electric netting can also be powered by attaching jumper clips to an existing electric fence and jumper clips can also be used to connect and power multiple nets. Ideally, the power source should be located mid-way along the several fences and remain connected to the clips.

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​There are an array of permanent electric fence designs that can deter bear It's Versatile
Another point of praise with electric netting is the variety of animals and applications it serves. While our netting is a favorite among sheep and poultry farmers, it isn't limited to the Gallus Gallus and Ovis Aries among us. Easy enclosures for horses, cattle, goats and pigs and even pet fences can be made. However, electric netting isn't just an easy tool for animal inclusion- but an electrified safeguard against predators and pests. While the netting is an effective barrier against marauding foxes, coyotes and other sworn enemies of livestock, it can also be used to protect gardens and crops from rabbits, raccoons and other nuisance critters. Electric nets have even been used to keep deer out of crops and bears away from beehives! This versatility of an electric net fence is determined by height and stay spacing.

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It's Portable!
Our electric netting is just as easy to dismantle and move as it is to install, making them a hit among pastured poultry farmers and rotational grazers. With an electric net fence, a pasture or enclosure can be set up in practically any location and then moved when necessary. And thanks to its bundle design, an electric net fence can also easily be stored away when not in use.

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