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We purchase your Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural dog food. I would simply like to reinforce what we see as the core values intrinsic to your product whose value cannot adequately be explained on a product label:1. Longevity of the company2. Family owned, private, not just another product line of a stock company answering to Wall St.3. Quality, including a history of no recalls for Earthborn4. American made and to the extent possible, American, Canadian andnon-China sourced ingredientsI know you folks advertise these, but I wanted to take a moment to reinforce that the message is getting through. They dovetail perfectly with the "farm-to-fork" and "buy local" cultures (even though I am in Virginia, I feel the company is "local" because it is family owned).Keep up the good work. Concerned pet owners will be loyal to you as long as you can maintain these attributes.

You need to check out Earthborn Holistic, particularly the canned chicken cacciatore.

Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural is a meat-based dry dog food using a significant amount of turkey and chicken meals as its main sources of animal protein, thus earning this recipe 5 stars.

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Question can I feed my 10 week old puppy Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Meadow Feast or should I feed her Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t even think about losing a loved one so close. I’m glad your new baby is doing well. I would suggest Earthborn, all natural, and grain-free. I switch from earthborn, wellness, and holistic select. I think they like it being mixed up every couple of months.

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I am trying to find an appropriate food for my 14 week old Rottie. He is currently on TOTW Pacific Stream puppy, but started having loose stool again (he had them before but was cured by switching him off science diet that the breeder had him on). He’s also taken to turning his nose up at it, and he’s normally a chow hound. We’ve already gone to our vet, fecal, bloodwork, etc. all normal. The breeder insists that he cannot have more than 26% protein, but I’m looking at Earthborn Holistic Great Plains which has 34%. Does anyone have any experience feeding this to their large/giant breed puppies?

Earthborn Holistic (i feed this currently, meadow feast) or Fromm

...Pet Valu we are proud to work with some great companies who are helping to make pet products more eco-friendly. Earthborn Holistic: Not only does Earthborn care about the nutritional needs of your dogs and cats, but they also care for the planet. From their packaging (which is made in North American with clean natural gas, and is made of plastic so it’s lighter and requires less fuel to ship) to their foods (made using renewable resources) Earthb...Earthborn Holistic dry pet foods are manufactured in the aforementioned manufacturing facilities. All canned dog food and cat food products are manufactured by USPet Nutrition, a division of Chicken of the Sea.