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Please HAVE ANNOTATIONS ON --Important information regarding both my and your hamsters (or hamsters to-be) are listed in the annotations--
And please consider reading the description also. Thank you and enjoy the video :)

These are my 2 Chinese dwarfs. I hope that I inspired you to purchase your own hamster!
Just so you know...
-The name "Chinese Dwarf hamster" is actually incorrect. They are commonly called this because they look very similar to the Russian dwarf hamster. I got my hamsters from PetSmart, where they called these hamsters Chinese Dwarf hamsters. Hence, the reason I will not change the title of this video.
-Like I said in the annotations, the cage that is shown is temporary for the purposes of the video. I don't recommend anyone to purchase it because it is small and the tubes are very difficult to clean.
-Also, keeping two female hamsters together is usually fine, whereas males might fight with each other as they grow older, even if already bonded. That's why I suggest females. Mine did very well together, but some hamsters (even females) might not like being together.
Just a suggestion... I wouldn't get hamsters from different families and put them together.
--It's almost certain that there will be some conflict between them, if not already bonded.

Chinese dwarf hamsters should be housed alone as they can be highly territorial.

The term ‘Dwarf Hamster‘ typically refers to one of 4 types of species. The is not technically a dwarf hamster as it belongs to the Cricetulus genus; however, Chinese hamsters have mostly the same care requirements and are about the same size. For the purpose of this website, we will treat Chinese hamsters as Dwarf hamsters.

2 female chinese dwarf hamsters

The chinese dwarf hamster is from Mongolia and the Northern areas of China Now, Chinese hamsters are not in the same genus as the other dwarf hamsters. The others are, as said above, in the Phodopus genus. Chinese hamsters are in the Cricetulus genus.

Chinese Dwarf Hamster..Soon to b a new member of the fam!

The mother dwarf hamster will keep her young tucked under her body in a form of nest as she nurses them. Babies will nurse exclusively for approximately two to three weeks, at which point you can wean them onto a commercial hamster food diet. Avoid touching the babies for the first week, as you'll alarm the mother. Provide your hamster a regular supply of fresh water and food throughout her pregnancy and while she is nursing. Provide her ample protein-rich foods like leafy greens and sunflower seeds.

Chinese dwarf hamsters! They will be sisters for life!

This is the Chinese Hamster. (Cricetulus griseus) Chinese Hamsters are often mistaken as dwarf hamsters. But Chinese Hamsters are not related to dwarf hamsters. All Dwarf Hamsters are genus phodopus. Chinese Hamsters originate from the deserts of Mongolia, and China. Adults are about 82-127 millimeters in body length, and about 20-33 millimeters in tail length.Despite their name, Chinese dwarf hamster is not, in fact, a dwarf hamster. They acquired their name and characterization as a dwarf, due to their small size and similarity in appearance to other dwarf hamsters. They are most recognizable by the faint black stripe down their backs and their long tails.Originating in North-Eastern China and Mongolia, the Chinese dwarf hamster was first domesticated in 1919 when they began to be used for laboratory testing. By the end of the 1900s, the Chinese dwarf hamster had moved out of its laboratory origins and was increasing in popularity as a .If you’re looking to purchase a Chinese dwarf hamster of your own, make sure you are familiar with the laws in your specific area. Some states, such as California and New Jersey, require prospective Chinese dwarf hamster owners to have a special permit to own, breed, or sell them.