Dremel Pet Nail Cordless Grinder Kit 4.8V

The Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Tool is the bestselling electric dog nail grinder and also on of the priciest but it’s worth every single penny:

The Dremel dog nail grinder mentioned above has stood the test of time and rightfully deserves the #1 place.

Lastly, be sure to find a dog nail grinder that has enough power. You do not want to make a difficult task even harder, so be sure your Dremel is up to the task. A lot of popular and commercialized products are quite lacking in this regard.

Best Dog Nail Grinder From Dremel The Professionals Choice

A Dremel is an electric rotary tool with a round metal head that spins quickly to gently grind down your dog’s nails. Electric nail grinders for pets usually cost the double of cheaper manual options, but they do the job exceptionally well if you have a medium to giant dog. For small breeds it’s a bit of an overkill, though. It is made of high-density plastic and benefits from all the engineering of a world leading brand like Dremel.

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Different makes of grinders, such as Oster or Dremel, come with slightly different dog nail grinder attachments. These include sanding drums, sanding bands, and sanding stones. Before buying a dog nail grinder, make sure replacement parts are readily available at a reasonable price, see the Grinder Attachment Table below. Also, for your and your dog’s safety, use only attachments and replacement parts of the same make as your grinder.

Shop for the lowest price on dremel nail grinder

Although the Multipro can obviously go much faster, and this is handy for other craft and tool projects, I do not go above the "2" setting on it. It's usually on the "1" or between it and the "2" setting. I would estimate this is somewhere around 5,000 to 7,500 rpms. If you use it much faster, the friction will be too great and it will get too hot for the dog's nails. If this happens, it will hurt the dog. Please note: there are other brands of grinders and similar tools. But, since I've never used them, I write from the perspective of my experience with the Dremel and its accessories only.Most professionals continue to use the Dremel type tools over pet specific nail grinders because the Dremel has more power, options, and versatility. Secondly, many households already have a rotary tool available to use as a dog nail grinder.Dog nail grinders are powered rotary tools that are available as corded, rechargeable, or battery-powered devices. Before dog-specific nail grinders were common, pet groomers used rotary tools such as the Dremel.For our dogs, we like to use standard rotary tools like the Dremel the best. It has excellent power and we can use it for other tasks aside from dog nail grinding. The only con is that standard non pet-specific Dremels cost more than pet specific dog nail grinders.