My male parakeet Scuttle talking

I think this is a pretty good app. Sometimes I get made at my parakeet cuz it won't sit on my finger but I don't yell at it or anything. I just wish it would like me more. I've heard so many cool thing that I hope my parakeet will soon learn to do like talk or be able to sit on the shower rail while your getting a shower. So I started using this app I think its actually working. Its Pretty good so if your looking for a good guid I say this would be the perfect one.

Female cockatiels, female budgies, grass parakeets, rosellas, and canaries don’t talk.

Parakeets may not have the biggest vocabulary in the parrot family, but they do have the gift of mimicry. Spend some time each day talking to your parakeet and he may pick up on a few words or phrases. Parakeets can learn just about any word they hear often enough.

My darling Budgie already can speak..

Are you a parrot lover and wants your parakeet to talk, then this guide is ideally perfect for you. It’s a common query that do... Common Names: Moustached Parakeets, Mustached Parakeets, Red-breasted Parakeet
Scientific Name: Psittacula alexandri
Origin: Indonesia, Andaman Islands, Southeast Asia
Relative Size: 13 inches
Weight: 120-130 grams
Average Lifespan: 20-30 years
Egg Clutch: 2-4 white eggs
Incubation: 22 days
Talking Ability: Excellent

He can speak little bit because he is still very young

MFB - I've had others tell me they didn't have luck with parakeets learning to talk, either. I suspect there are those who want to and those who don't care for it at all -- or maybe they were not babies when they were bought (?).

Our female parakeet Yasha start talking - YouTube