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Disco's old favorites, including the debate of who's a baby bird. Check out all of Disco's videos here on YouTube, and then be sure to hang out with him on Facebook and Twitter.

Disco Birds Aquarius Birthday Dance and His Birthday Celebration at the VFW

Disco the parakeet is back again for Budgie Sunday – today with some of his bloopers! This famous talking budgie warns against putting ‘baby bird in the corner. And, or course he must wanr us all, “Never shake a baby bird.” Thanks for the warning Disco. Never shake any bird, unless your parrot just likes to shake his own tail – watch this sweet compilation of Disco chats:

3 Little Birds - Panic at the Disco - Brendon - YouTube

In the poetic words of Mr. Disco himself: "I'm a parakeet. Bird to your mother." It takes a while for it to get metal, as is pretty standard for the subgenre. The entire Bird of Death part at the beginning is more like a recreation of the original than a remix, really (with just a little bit of my own style thrown in there).

Original songs: Bird of Death by Satoru Kōsaki / Platinum Disco by Satoru Kōsaki, meg rock and Yuka Iguchi as Tsukihi Araragi
Remix arrangement, recording, sound design, mixing and mastering by Awaclus
Guitars, drums and vocals performed by Awaclus

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"ImageSlices", author: Jph Wacheski

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"Blooming", author: Jph Wacheski

Disco Birds Aquarius Birthday Dance at The VFW in Suitland Maryland.

Unveiled in 2009. "The Firebird" was actually created in 1991 by French-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle. She died years before its was purchased and moved to the front of Charlotte's Bechtler Museum of Modern Art -- and perhaps that's for the best, since locals have embraced her work not as a serious piece of sculpture, but as "Disco Chicken." Standing 18 feet tall, covered from top to bottom in shards of shiny glass, it does indeed suggest a barnyard fowl wrapped in a coating of mirrored disco ball, with 1970s Soul Train flared pants and a strutting John Travolta pose straight out of Saturday Night Fever.

Jun 10, 2013 - Bird Night at the Disco ..

Watch the disco!!!
Flag - Start
Arrow Keys - Move the bird
1-5 - Make the bird speak
Space - make the bird spin
w - singer sings song 1
a - singer sings song 2
When Judy Bolton jokingly told her husband she was going to teach their new pet parakeet to talk, she thought the little yellow and green bird might learn a few easy words. She never expected Disco would learn over 80 phrases, song lyrics and sounds and become an Internet sensation in the process.