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Truth about diabetes:
Living with diabetes means you need to monitor your diet carefully, but it doesn't mean giving up flavour or pleasure from food. Try these low-sugar recipes to satisfy your appetite between meals.
Here is top 5 diabetic snacks ideas list:

1. Stuffed Mushrooms
These mushrooms are filled with a delicious mixture of finely chopped zucchini, spinach and hazelnuts, then topped with grated Parmesan cheese and baked for delicious, hard-to-resist party bites. They look their best if the mushrooms are all about the same size.

2. Tortilla Chips with Fresh Mango and Tomato Salsa
Here is a fresh-tasting, colourful salsa that is rich in vitamins and valuable antioxidants. It is a perfect dip for crunchy, homemade tortilla chips, quickly baked rather than deep-fried for a healthy, low-fat result. Either corn tortillas or flour tortillas can be used to make the chips.

3. Rosemary Marinated Olives
The flavour of olives is greatly enhanced by marinating them in fruity olive oil with fresh herbs and citrus juices. When served with colourful chunks of red and yellow bell peppers and little cherry tomatoes, they look and taste fabulous. For the best flavour, allow about 2 days of marinating.

4. Chewy Date and Walnut Bars
These chewy snack bars are a special treat for lunch boxes as well as for a midday snack or coffee break. Only a little light margarine and oil are needed for the dough. Dates are added for natural sweetness, and walnuts and sunflower seeds provide extra texture. The result is both nutritious and delicious. Homemade snack bars are also less expensive than store-bought versions.

5. Smoked Turkey and Apricot Bites
Dried apricots soaked in orange juice, then wrapped in turkey bacon, make a tasty snack to pass around at a party. Take care when grilling the turkey bacon because it will dry out if overcooked. A tangy mustard mixture helps to add moisture during cooking.

Truth about diabetes:

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Even with a strict diet, treats are not completely out of the question. There are commercial treats which are low enough on carbs to be safe for a diabetic cat and also you can prepare the treats at home.

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A video in what treats to give diabetic dogs. For more information please visit Diabetic dog treats have been an anomaly in the market untilrecently. When a dog has diabetes, his diet will need to be strict,which means many regular dog treats cannot be given to him.

I was wondering what kinds of treats are ok for a diabetic cat

Valentine's Day is known for sweet, sugary treats but many of those treats can spell disaster for those trying to manage blood glucose levels. But just because you have diabetes doesn't mean you can’t enjoy sweet treats this holiday. There are actually quite a few healthy Valentine’s treats you and your loved ones can enjoy.

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A craving for sweet treats can be a thorn in the side of every person with diabetes. This guide is designed to help you make healthier choices when you get that craving for something sweet.When you have diabetes, Halloween can be a stressful holiday with all the candy and sweets around. Test out these these tasty, diabetes-friendly recipes, so you can take part in the fun and still keep your blood sugar levels in check!