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Dematting Tools feature stainless steel serrated edge blades. Comfortable handle with thumb rest. Tool can be used right or left handed. 9 blades 2" Length.

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Oh and I do also have Cowboy Magic Detangler which I tried but I must not be using it right because I didn't see much difference and went right back to the dematting tool. I did also try to mix it with water and put it in a spray bottle but no big difference there either.

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Leave a comment, feedback and review below for dematting tool for dogs "The Four Paws Magic Coat De-Matting Tool is designed for full body grooming, and even helps to prevents mats before they occur. Its stainless steel blades easily comb through hair. Designed for medium and fine hair."

Master Grooming Tools, Ergonomic DeMatting Tool 6 Blade best

Technique: Loosen the matted coat with a slicker brush before using the dematting tool. Secure the dog's skin by pulling it taut. Isolate the mat and place the dematting tool behind the mat. Keeping your wrist straight, use short, quick strokes to pull the tool through the mat. Do not use a sawing motion. Brush the area again, test with a comb. Repeat the process as necessary.

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No need for combs, rakes or detangling sprays. The Mat Zapper takes on the toughest isolated mats – all on its own. Its unique bristle layout quickly and efficiently tackles tangled clumps of fur. Recognized as the first line in matt defense, professional groomers rely on Mat Zapper as the go-to dog dematting tool in “emergency” coats – where the only other option is shaving. This ultimate brush removes stubborn tangles up to 50 times better than our regular brush line. Its very firm head and straight rows of bristles allow you to break through any mat. Used together with the Pooch Botanique F&T Degreaser, Dematter & Deep Cleanser you can go through mats like butter!The BarkOutfitters Dematting Tool is equipped with rounded tips on the teeth and extra curvature so that you will be able to pull out all the entangled hair mats from deep within the coat of your dog with relative ease. There are 13 teeth on one side while there are 26 teeth on the other side, meaning that you’ll be able to deal with multiple coat types by using just one dematting brush.