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This is good information to have. My wife and I will be choosing a daycare soon. Though we may suffer a little separation anxiety at first, I'm sure we will get used to it. As you said, choosing someone to take care of our kids while we are at work shouldn't be stressful. These tips should help ease that stress in our search.

for one day a week, id probably do daycare. kid would probably like the interaction with others kids. He's 7 months.

Daycare is also not the only option for help with socialization before preschool. Many stay-at-home parents utilize play groups, mommy and me programs, and baby gyms to provide their little ones with social interaction. Some areas have church groups or moms' organizations that are free of charge. Margaret B., mom of 2 girls, advises: "... / playgroup to meet other moms/kids that YOU and your daughter feel comfortable with."

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2. Because daycare has to be organized for dealing with more than one child, my children have learned to patiently wait their turn. By sixth grade, the researchers detected few differences between the day-care center kids and the others—shall we just call them the Children Whose Parents Truly Love Them?—who had stay-at-home moms or nannies or some other arrangement. What mattered more than early child care, in terms of school performance and behavior, were parenting and genes. "Parenting quality significantly predicted all the developmental outcomes and much more strongly than did any of the child-care predictors," the researchers wrote. Never mind that central, important finding. The downside of day care is what everyone wants to talk about.

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Stop. When I reached the study's author, Margaret Burchinal, yesterday, she asked if she could explain something she feared had been missed. "I'm not sure we communicated this, but the kids who had one to two years of daycare by age 4½—which was typical for our sample—had exactly the level of problem behavior you'd expect for kids of their age. Most people use center care for one or two years, and for those kids we're not seeing anything problematic."

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So I work as�a paralegal from home and one day a week and my mom watches dd, which they both love. Well my bosses have been so awesome and accomadating as they knew I didnt want to�work full-time and be away from dd so they have been flexible but recently asked me to pick up one more day. I think daycare would actually be great for my dd to get interaction with other kids as she is our only one. I think the stimulation and new environment would be exicting for her too because she loves going to baby gym and is very social. I don't want to be away from dd more than 2 days and finally found a daycare that I like that will allow just one day (as most require at least 2). I thought it would work out but my friend who is a preschool teacher said that one day is not a good idea because it is not often enough for her to get adjusted, what do you guys think? I am considering sending my 14 mo DD to daycare once a week. Currently she is with a nanny 4 days a week and with me once a week (I work 4 days a week). If I send her to daycare she would go to daycare 1 day a week, nanny three days a week and me once a week. This would be until April when she will go up to 2 days in daycare and 3 days with nanny (and I will go back to full time). She is very social and I think she will enjoy daycare. When we deop her big brother off at daycare she gets very excited and wants to stay. The daycare itself is really great. My worry with this plan is that it eill be very hard for her to adjust of she only goes ine day a week. She ia very attached to mommy right now but sh dos adjust to new people and situations quickly. Has anyone else had their kids in daycare one day a week only? How long did it take them to adjust?