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An easy way to remember the vegetables cuts above is that they are all cubes like in shape and they only differ in size except for the julienne which is a very fine strip cut of vegetable.


The ABCs of vegetable cuts This is a very elegant cut that would work well for any salads involving root vegetables, as they hold their shape well and will keep their firmness even when cooked. that would benefit from allumette cuts would be Tunisian-style carrot salad, anything involving raw apple, or perhaps a raw zucchini salad with plenty of fresh herbs. Mexican-inspired dishes would be gorgeous as well, with jicama as the primary ingredient, cut into these beautiful, delicate little strips.

Chef Harpal demonstrates how to cut vegetables in different shapes.

If you chop vegetables often, it’s better to get a knife like the Nakiri that will perform flawless, thin cuts with precision and minimal effort. It’s all about the most versatile knife for veggies, and it doesn’t get much better than a Nakiri.

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A chop is the most common of all vegetable cuts. It is a rough cut that involves halving, quartering, as well as making the pieces smaller. Recipes will usually be specific as to the chop, but if they are not, then the pieces should be roughly one inch in size. Vegetables that are commonly chopped include onions, bell peppers, squash, and others. A chop would be used on kabobs and stir fries.There are plenty of vegetables knife cuts that exist in French cuisine but even as an enthusiast everyday cook you do not need to remember all of them. That said there are 3 to 4 cuts that you should be aware of. Mainly:The julienne cut is one of the most complicated because you have to get all of the cuts to be around the same size and it is a long, rectangular cut. If you were to look at the cut sideways, it would be a rectangle and then head on, it would be a square. The julienne cut is used to create a small cooking surface for the vegetables to be cooked quickly. It is also a common cut to be used in slaw and other sides where the food is piled on top of something. Some of the most popular vegetables to cut include celery, carrots, and potatoes.Cut vegetables serve as fast finger food or delicious additions to recipes including pasta, salads, soups, stir-fry and many other quick-fix meals. Additionally, differently sized vegetable pieces add varying flavors and textures to your dishes. Understanding a few simple vegetable cuts helps you to get the right size and amount of vegetables for your recipes.