This French bulldog is monstrously cute

Cute puppy sized chihuahua had a funny Halloween photoshoot. Cute little Cedric tried on some hilarious Halloween dog costumes for a photoshoot. We set up a mini photo studio and decorated the set with some pumpkins and bats. It looked like a perfect Halloween setup. First costume he wore was a Pikatchu pokemon dog costume. It was a bit too big on a teacup sized chihuahua, but it still looked pretty cute. Next up was a fancy businessman outfit. It fit him perfectly. He looked very smart and happy to be wearing it. Tiny little Cedric dod few dog tricks wearing the businessman outfit as he was able to move freely in it. Finally he tried on a police costume. This was the most funniest dog costume ever. He looked hilariously adorable! The police hat was too big for him and he was unable to keep it on properly. Also the Halloween police dog costume was too big and he fell out of it a few times. But we got the photos!
Cedric was rewarded with plenty of his favourite snacks for tolerating the photoshoot and being such a professional doggie model! Good boy!

Which Halloween dog costume was your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

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Cedric is a 4 year old chihuahua who was born in Estonia and now lives in Canada with his loving owners. Sometimes he stars in youtube videos, showing off his mighty skills and magical cuteness.

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