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Dec 6, 2016 - Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light for Aquarium Review

Current USA Satellite Plus Pro LED Light Fixture

The new Satellite Plus PRO isn’t simply brighter - it’s better in every way. Producing more light, higher color rendition, and offering more control features, it’s simple com-pleteness. Specifically designed for freshwater aquariums, the adjustable full spectrum of light is perfect for strong plant growth while producing vivid colors and brilliant shim-mer effects. More powerful in every aspect than its predecessor, the Satellite Plus PRO is an incredible light that defines a new generation of simplicity.

Balancing the perfect light spectrum for viewing can be tricky and no one can do it better than you. That’s why we created a higher output light with a fully adjustable color spectrum while keeping your tank (and fish) on a 24-hour rhythmic light cycle. High power, energy efficient SMD LED chips generate high PAR and lumens for strong plant growth and produce stunning shimmer. The 6,500K white LEDs combined with RGB (red, green, blue) provides adjustable color spectrum control for eye-popping color ren-dition. This powerful combination of color spectrums provides the perfect balance of light for even the most demanding freshwater aquaria and planted aquascapes.

Now you can wirelessly program and control just about everything! Seeing dynamic weather effects over your tank is just the beginning! With the integrated 24-hour timer function, you can also program what time to start a gradual sunrise, gentle sunset and both the color spectrum and intensity of your daylight and moonlight.

- 24 hour on/off time with a 15 minute ramp up (sunrise) and dim down (sunset)

- Adjustable day and moonlight color spectrum and intensity

- Six dynamic effects and presets including cloud cover, fading lunar, storm and lightning

- Easy programming via wireless IR remote or touch key pad

- Four freshwater optimized preset colors

- Two memory locations for custom color spectrums

Extremely safe, the Satellite Plus PRO is IP65 rated for water resistance, low 12VDC voltage and ETL approved to UL1018/CSA Standards.

Current Satellite Plus Freshwater LED 48-60 Inch

Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Lighting System - 24 With Current USA’s Satellite Freshwater LED Plus, the prices are still very competitive, given all the features offered on this fixture. It is truly difficult to find a better value at this price point. Current USA has put the Satellite Freshwater LED+ in a class of its own because of the wireless remote, numerous interesting lighting effects, and functionality with the upcoming Ramp Timer [find out more soon!]. It is definitely a great little powerhouse if you’re going low-tech or hi-tech with a shallow tank like the .

Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED+ (Plus) Light, 36"-48".

I know we all have our lights on timers and a schedule, but if you had the option to create a new spectrum for the day – would you? Well, Current USA finally added a wireless remote to their Satellite Freshwater LED+ unit (which is what the plus is about)! Now you can control the lighting of your aquarium with different settings all from the seat of your couch! I have to say, it’s a very nice feature even though most of us (including myself) do a “set it and forget it” type of approach. I personally find the cloud setting very appealing, where it emulates a sunny day with occasional clouds passing over.

Current Satellite Plus Freshwater LED 36-48 Inch - Ken's Fish