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Hi Tony,
Thank you for the informational post. I’ve followed your directions and found 17 monarch eggs (and 2 very small cats) on my milkweed! I have two large critter keepers ready to go. I am ordering the pop-up now. I have a question: when they go in the critter keeper, what am I putting on the bottom of the cage, just milkweed leaves? I know this is such a basic question but I feel so lucky to have so many and want to ensure I’m doing what’s best for them. I am going to purchase your book as I need a lot of advice on where to go from here. Thank you!
Danielle M.

I keep all mine in a

Kritter Keepers May Be Used As A Space-Saving Aquarium Or Insect Haven.
Also Ideal As A Small Animal Keeper, Critter Tote, Terrarium Or Nursery.

High quality plastic, large rectabgle, 14-1/2 long8-3/4 wide x 9-3/4 high.

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Large Exo Terra Faunarium Critter Keeper. Plastic small animal homes. Size: 14.5 However, the lids of critter keepers are not very adequate for housing a mouse. The lid is made of soft, easily chewable plastic. Mice have no trouble jumping to the lid, hanging on, and chewing their way out in very little time at all. If a mouse decides to do this, it is very likely that you will not catch them before they have escaped. Kritter Keepers can be modified for safety, however. Wire mesh can be cut to line the lid of a Kritter Keeper and secured on, making it so a mouse can not chew out. The mesh can be secured into place with hot glue generously applied, as seen in this picture to the left (click picture to enlarge).

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