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If your guinea pig has rosettes, they can serve to warn you early of certain types of ailments. Mites cause thinning fur, and in many cases the hair loss starts in the centers of rosettes. If you can see your pig’s skin in the center of one of these whorls, the pet might have a mite infestation. The rosettes on crested pigs can also be valuable for diagnosing lice, since these parasites tend to gravitate towards a guinea pig’s head and face. Spotting small moving specks in a forehead rosette should prompt a trip to the vet for treatment. Fortunately, mites and lice are easy to treat in guinea pigs; once removed, they rarely recur.

Crested Guinea Pigs have one rosette on top of their head which gives them their name.

The Crested Guinea Pig is a rather uncommon and very unique-appearing breed. These small guinea pigs come in a range of colors, like brown, black, and tortoise shell, in addition to other colors. These small male and female Crested Guinea Pig breeds have an appearance similar to a white crown on their head. Most of the Crested Guinea Pigs are sold as pets. These pet guinea pigs may have non-conforming marks, but in the majority of cases, they still contain the popular crest on their heads. They also contain the same luminous personalities like other guinea pig breeds, and their crest makes them appear as though they are continuously angry.

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my guinea pigs name is drake he is a crested i love him they r very easy to train The Crested Guinea pigs come in two types, such as the White Crested Guinea Pig, which is also commonly called the American Crested Guinea Pig or just Crested Guinea Pig, because their crest is white in contrast with the remaining parts of their coat. This means that there is no other white spot on their body.

White-crested guinea pigs are shorthaired and smooth-coated

These guinea pigs are smooth and short-haired but also have a swirl of hair on the forehead. A cavy with a white swirl and the rest of the hair a different color is known as a White Crested.

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My my.. that's a one groovy looking Guinea pig! :D (American Crested P.E. Golden/white) | Guinea Pigs' Cavy Club Tips & Pics: Breeds and Varieties of Guinea Pigs - So Many Kinds to LoveFacts about Crested Guinea Pigs, the Crested Guinea Pig is a small haired guinea pig breed with a single rosette on its forehead. Due to choosy breeding, most guinea pig breeds also have a crested complement, such as Himalayan, Agouti, Dalmatian and Roan. A Crested Guinea Pig mated with a Sheltie Guinea Pig is how the Coronet Guinea Pig breed was created. The Crested Guinea Pig breed is fairly a new breed, and it was first recognized during the early 1970s.My my.. that's a one groovy looking Guinea pig! :D (American Crested P.E. Golden/white) | Guinea Pigs' Cavy Club Tips & Pics: Breeds and Varieties of Guinea Pigs - So Many Kinds to LoveUsually, Crested Guinea Pigs prefer to live in an atmosphere with temperatures between 10 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius. These Crested Guinea Pigs are not capable of tolerating winter temperatures and they prefer to live within the home during chilly months and they need a shelter with good ventilation during the summer months.