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500 cp 21" X 34" $27.00 Crate Beds are double stuffed for the larger breeds and fit into most wire crates and of course to use anywhere they want to sleep.

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PROS: – they’re a favorite among owners of large breeds. The thickness of the foam in this crate pad will not disappoint. Additionally, unlike other dog beds, owners report that this pad is chew resistant, making it a great choice for destructive dogs. This bed is also made in the USA, so you know you’ll have solid quality.

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To help you get started, consider the following three top-rated crate mat dog beds for small and medium dogs: We have two miniature schnauzers (rescues) - a male, age 8 and a female, age 6. We got them both as puppies and the only crate beds they've known are PetDreams beds. These are wonderful beds. They're warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer and our pups obviously love them. We launder them every 6 weeks on their grooming day and they hold up really well after repeated laundering. You guys have outstanding products and GREAT customer service. Thank you!

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My dog chewed through several beds that we thought were indestructible, but has not put a dent in her Kuranda . I was worried that it would not be soft enough for her, but she seems to like it. It fits almost perfectly in her crate too and leaves plenty of head room for her to stand up. My only, and very minor complaint was that it was more difficult to assemble than I expected.

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This is the one stop shop for Midwest dog crates and Quiet Time beds. We stock the best products for your pet, so you can treat Fido like royalty. Whether your pooch needs a Midwest dog crate, Quiet Time bed, or a dog crate replacement pan we have a huge selection, and it is in stock ready for shipping.I have several Kuranda Beds…
I recently replaced the mats in my car crates with mesh fabric Kuranda crate beds….. The mesh fabric is great for dripping wet and muddy retrievers since the waterDog beds and dog crate pads can be so expensive and if you have a bed sucker like I do, it can get expensive fast. Because of the bottomless money pit known as my dogs, I started sewing my own crate pads. This tutorial is for a super easy DIY dog crate pad, but you can easily turn it into a...CONS: Compared to other dog crate mats, the Big Barker Dog Crate Pad is quite expensive. Big Barkers beds are also not designed for smaller dogs – they really should only be used for larger or giant breed dogs.