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Working with Nextec's extensive R&D resources Covercraft created what is considered the perfect fabric for outdoor or indoor vehicle protection. EPIC® by Nextec's encapsulation process delivers all weather protection, compact packability, easy care, and a soft-to-paint touch without sacrificing breathability.

Does my Geico insurance extend coverage for rental car insurance in Mexico too?

Car insurance is not designed to cover the regular wear and tear that happens to a car during normal use. It’s meant to cover big accidents and medical bills. Generally, it’s expected that part of owning a car means being able to pay for things like gas and regular repairs.

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Justin Bieber performs a cover of Fast Car by Tracy Chapman in the Live Lounge This ultimate Full Custom Car Cover is engineered for both inside and outside use, it is a must have accessory for all owners desiring to protect their vehicle from all weather elements and extreme high/low temperatures.

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One of the best ways to protect your car's exterior is to simply buy a custom car cover. Car covers are important, even for those with covered parking. Fortunately, car covers are inexpensive and portable. We offer an excellent line of weatherproof Outdoor Car Covers that will hold up very well in all types of environments! They are a common and efficient way to protect your exterior from scratches, discoloration and more! With CUSTOM FIT car covers for cars from over 100 makes, it's easy to understand why people prefer to shop with us. Not only do we provide covers that fit your car perfectly, we also provide car covers with multiple layers of advanced protection to ensure your car investment is guaranteed to be safe from sun, weather, natural, and even some physical damage.

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The Intro-Tech Automotive INTRO-GUARD® Full Custom Car Cover is manufactured for a custom fit using a superior quality 150 Denier woven polyester fabric which is Intro-Guard coated with an aluminized polyurethane acrylic. Soft and non-abrasive to clear coat finishes, it is an extremely lightweight and highly protective full custom car cover. Nearly waterproof, yet breathable; it will not absorb water like most perforated fabrics. Goes on and removes in seconds, with storage size no larger than a 12 pack of soda. There's nothing like the hot summer sun to fade paint, crack rubber and destroy plastic and vinyl auto interiors. Winter snow can devastate the finish on your prized investment. Covercraft can help. With a cover for almost any weather condition and storage situation, there's no reason to let your car or truck bear the elements alone.