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Corner Hammocks in Fleece for Guinea Pigs (reversible) in Guinea Pig Cages Mais

Continuation of Product 2-storied Double Corner Cage for Small Pet - dwarf rabbits or guinea pigs Item No. DFPC-101 Description:
The grid is just the right size to be able to attach accessories easily. A wooden ramp connects the two levels.

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Corner Hammocks in Fleece for Guinea Pigs (reversible) in Guinea Pig Cages Cubes & Coroplast cages are most recommended. If you are getting 2 guinea pigs you should get a cage that is at LEAST, 50x35 and 14high. With C cages you can choose your colors of everything!

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pacious and space-saving at the same time - corner cage on two stories, ideal for dwarf rabbits or guinea pigs
Size: 141 x 100 x 86 cm (L x W x H)

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In general, commercial cages (I like to refer to them as "pet store cages") tend to be under 3 square-feet. Commercial cages much larger than this are difficult to find and are apt to be quite costly. For this reason, conscientious guinea pig owners tend to gravitate toward a popular class of do-it-yourself or kit cages commonly called C&C or Cubes and Coroplast cages. If you are unfamiliar with this type of cage and would like to see some, visit the ebay store to view a large selection of these cages.Many cages are designed with access doors that are too small. Small doors, make it difficult to catch and pick up your pets. If you've ever owned a guinea pig, you will certainly agree that they are "scurriers". When picking them up, they don't just calmly sit there while you pick them up - they scurry! And if you've ever tried to corner a scurrying guinea pig with one arm through a tiny hole...It depends on your situation. If your guinea pigs are sharing your home with "domestic predators" (most notably cats and toddlers) you will definitely need a lid. If your home is free of these types of threats, then a lid is not needed. Most guinea pig cages and pens tend to have at least 14" walls. Although guinea pigs do like to jump for fun (commonly called "popcorning"), they are not known for being great leapers and cannot leap anywhere near 14-inches high. Trust me -- you will never see a guinea pig in the NBA. (Not only can they not jump, they also play terrible defense.) In this case, not only is a lid not necessary, it is not recommended. We find that when guinea pigs are housed in a cage with no lid, it encourages more interaction with the guinea pigs. (It's not necessary to open the lid to pet them or pick them up.) A lidless cage will also take much of the hassle out of chores like feeding the guinea pigs and cleaning the cage.Other guinea pigs will void their bladder in the corner of the cage, perhaps using more than one corner to do so. In those cases a litter box can be placed in the corners to collect the urine and be changed out as necessary. Slowly removing those pans down to one may be possible. Sometimes it is possible to collect the hard pellet they produce and deposit it in the toilet corners of the cage to encourage the guinea pig to use those areas primarily as a toilet. Some are happy to comply, some will not get it.