Jul 7, 2014 - I love the weight of a blanket even in the summer

How about a Cool-jams cooling blanket or comforter? Whoever said "love conquers all" never slept with someone who stole all the covers. For the sake of a better night's sleep and stronger relationships everywhere, bedding with Outlast® materials works to balance your changing temperature, helping you sleep more soundly throughout the night.

The best selection of cooling sheets and blankets. Cooling Gel Bed Pad. AlphaCool Bamboo Cooling Pillow. Sheex Performance Cooling Sheet Set Twin.

Our Cool-jams™ temperature-regulating bedding uses special Outlast technology that helps to regulate the body temperature through proactive heat and moisture management. Our Cool-jams™ bedding products balance the temperature under the covers by absorbing heat when it gets too warm and releasing it back when you cool down. By doing so, it keeps the temperature and humidity within your bed in the optimum range for restful sleep. The bedding is not a wicking product like bamboo bedding but a heat management technology. Our Outlast technology is incorporated into a vast array of Cool-jams™ products, including cooling mattress pads, cooling sheets, cool pillows and cooling blankets - all designed to help you get a more restful night's sleep!

3 A cooling mattress pad that's basically AC for your bed

Chili Technology allows you to control the temperature of your bed so you'll never be too .. Adjust your bed instead of your room, and save year-round.
The ChiliPad Cooling/Heated Mattress Pad uses a unique water circulation system to warm or cool your mattress efficiently. In fact, ChiliPad control units use only 80W of energy on average. Compare that to the far higher cost of running the air conditioner or raising the thermostat overnight, and savings are considerable--especially with today's escalating energy costs, when every extra degree on the thermostat can add 4-8% to your monthly bill. Climate-control your bed instead of your room, and save.

Available in single- or dual-zone versions for any size bed.
If you and your partner prefer different temperature levels, a dual-zone ChiliPad provides independent control for each side of the bed--and there's one for beds of any size. Say goodnight to sleepless nights, extra blankets, sweaty sheets and bedtime temperature squabbles!

Single ChiliPad 30" x 75"
Twin ChiliPad 38" x 75"
Twin XL ChiliPad 38" x 80"
Full ChiliPad 53" x 75"
Queen Dual-zone ChiliPad 60" x 80"
King Dual-zone ChiliPad 76" x 80"
Split Cal King Single-zone ChiliPad 36" x 84"
Cal King Dual-zone ChiliPad 72" x 84"

You don't have to sacrifice a comfortable night's sleep for your budget! Order your own ChiliPad today, from Brookstone.

How Can I Stay Cool While I Sleep? - Lifehacker

So, how does it work? Once setup, you can control how warm or cool you want to make your bed. I tried the cooling feature right away and found relief in under a minute. During the Summer I still like to have at least a sheet covering me but the drawback is that it traps heat. The Bedjet can subtly blow cool air into your bed so that you will feel cool but get the comfort and security that a blanket provides.

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