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However even if further study reveals P. kuhlii to occur outside Java it appears probable that it is not the common ‘Kuhli/coolie’ loach which is more likely to be P. semicincta, one or more unidentified species, or a combination of these.

Common Name: Kuhli Loach, Coolie Loach, Leapard Eel, Prickly Eye, Cinnamon Loach

The kuhli loach is one of the most interesting freshwater aquarium fish which is also known as coolie loach, giant coolie loach, slimy loach, leopard loach, leopard eel, prickly eye, cinnamon loach etc. It is found in Southeast Asia; Sumatra, Singapore, western Malaysia, Java, Borneo, and Thailand. It occurs in shallow, slow-moving sections of forest streams or other calm habitats such as swamps, oxbows and backwaters with soft muddy bottom and lot of fallen leaves in the water. It prefers to live in small groups.

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It is also known as Coolie Loach, Prickly Eye, giant coolie loach, slimy loach and leopard loach. Hey Matt your post have been great and I have learnt so much about new fish, invertebrates and plants that I had never known. Just so you know I have a 20 gallon (65 ish liter) tank with a some tetras. Now I have heard a rumour that kuhli loaches will eat ghost shrimp could you please clarify if this is true. I would also like to know if not using sand is OK. The last question I have is how well they will co-operate with African Dwarf Frogs. Thanks alot Ethan

Pangio goaensis (Indian Coolie Loach)

The Coolie Loaches love live food as their diet’ even then they eat all kinds of food, which includes tablets, frozen and dried feed, flakes and wafers. Most importantly, they require the food in tiny form that settle down at the tank bottom so that they can feed at night.

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The Kuhli loach, also commonly known as Coolie loach, comes from the Tropical waters of Indonesia, Malaysia, Java and surrounding areas. The Kuhli Loach is eel shaped. Its body colorings are a kind of salmon-pink/yellow with dark brown to black stripes that half circles the body. The stomach is a sort of a whitish colour. The eyes on the Kuhli Loach are set in one of the stripes and therefore not easily seen. The mouth is set at a downward angle and with 3 pairs of bushy barbels adorning it; it looks like it has an obstinate little moustache. Its fins are translucent.I have not been able to find clear reports of Kuhli breeding. It is often recommended to do a water change with slightly cooler water to stimulate spawning behavior, after which the eggs are attached to plants and driftwood in the tank. The fry will feed off tiny food particles at first, and you can start supplementing their diet with microworms and eventually bigger foods. The water should be kept clean and water values should be stable. If you have a more detailed breeding report, let me know!
The video below shows Kuhli breeding behavior. Kuhli loaches are partly nocturnal, hence the red night lights.