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The average life span of conures is really unknown on most species. It is known that conures live longer in captivity than they do in the wild, and larger birds live longer than smaller birds. In general, small conures can live up to about 15 years, while some of the larger conures have been known to live for 35 years or more.

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Characteristics: These feisty little birds are full of fun, sweet natured, friendly, and just love attention. They are highly social and do well in communal aviaries. By conure standards, they are relatively quiet, and give a shrill whistle or natter away rather than screech, making them more suitable for those with sensitive hearing and for apartment dwellers.

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A blue-crowned conure was the star of the family movie . The film used 14 different birds. There are other birds with great differences that are classed as conures, such as the , slender-billed conures, Austral conures, and the amazing golden conure, that is endangered in the wild. Last year I had the opportunity to visit Nancy Speed at the P Patch in Mississippi. She has golden conures, Queens, as she calls them (because they are also known as Queen of Bavaria conures). She has a colony of about 100 golden conures in one building. Ear protection is needed to be able to stay in the building. The noise the each golden conure makes blends together to make an other-worldly sound that could be used as a soundtrack for a alien-invasion movie. Just about all conures have a reputation for noise making but I had never heard anything like this.

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Pyrrhura conures are generally a curious bunch of little conures. Perhaps the males are a bit more into exploring their whole world, but I have known female conures that also go on dramatic searches into the great unknown. Both male and females Pyrrhura conures are busy-bodies that like to use their beak and tongue to touch everything and learn everything about what there are touching. This makes these little birds a bit “beaky,” but their need to check everything out with their beak is not aggressive. If the little pinches to your fingers are annoying, find a toy to stick in their beak instead of your fingers. A knotted leather strip usually works well for this purpose because it has texture that they usually like to check out.

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Conures (Sun) Aratinga solstitials – These beautiful, charming, smart, and interactive birds can be found in the wild in Central America, Mexico, South America and many of the Caribbean Islands. They’re one of the most popular and personable conures available. Young birds have more green feathers, but these baby feathers molt out and the brilliant yellow and orange colors emerge as the birds mature. No illustration could possible do justice to the highly unique blending of such a sizzling riot of coloring. About 12 inches in length, the Suns are very active; make excellent pets; and some become good talkers. They are extremely playful, curious and happy to be involved in any family activities.Physical characteristics. Sun Conures were named because their plumage resembles the colors of the sun during a tropical sunset. They’re absolutely gorgeous and one of the most colorful birds on the planet. When they’re born they are mostly green, however as they mature their feathers begin to take on the colors of the sunset including red, orange, yellow, blue, and green.