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Other companies make inflatable models, as the one seen in the picture on the left or collars that resemble neck braces (the Bite-Not collar) And some others make what’s known as a “soft collar” which fits best the more mellow fellows (eg. The Comfy Cone).

He is not letting the cone get in the way of him having fun. Playing fetch despite the collar.

Inflatable collars such as this one do not extend beyond your pet’s nose as the correct-size cone will, but they do limit neck movement for equally effective results in specific situations. I purchased this collar for Dolly only after ensuring she could not reach her radiation site while wearing it. If the area that needs to heal had been on a front leg, it would not have done the job.

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These cones are made of cloth and are sturdy to a certain extent, but are also collapsible. Worse than wearing the dreaded lampshade collar is having to deal with an improper fit on top of that. Make sure it's snug enough so it does not slide off at the most inappropriate times, and that it's loose enough that you're able fit two fingers comfortably between the dog's neck and collar. Also, make sure the cone is not rubbing against the dog's neck, causing sores. For an ideal fit, ask your veterinarian for assistance.

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Unlike the conventional rigid best dog recovery cones previously tried by the buyers, this proved to be much gentler for the dog. Like other well-received products, the applicability of the ZenPet ProCollar Pet E-Collar depended on a lot of factors, such as the dog’s breed and temperament, location of the wound or incision, and the manner of introducing the product to the dog.

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We recently used a towel collar for two weeks on one of our leg amputee dogs. Eating and drinking was much easier than with traditional Elizabethan or cone collars, but access to the wound was more difficult.Some pet manufactures have come up with an ingenious method of doing away with the hard plastic cone collars. They have figured out a way to offer an alternative which is soft, flexible, comfortable and effective. The advent of the Soft E Collar has revolutionized the way veterinarian's care for their pet patients. While many veterinarians are taking advantage of these relatively new designs, many remain steadfast with offering the old plastic cone collar. Perhaps, some of these veterinarians don't realize there are alternatives or just maybe they are set in their ways.