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Our only complaint is that the blades are thicker than other nail clippers we tested. This prevented us from getting the closest possible cut. If you want your fingernails as short as humanly possible then you may want to skip over these.

Here are some tips to have a successful and peaceful experience clipping your dog’s nails:

We had the mom of an infant and a toddler try a number of the top-selling trimmers on the market on her younger son. She had been a big proponent of biting newborn nails in the past, and had also used the simple clippers that were part of a Red Cross grooming kit. As an experienced mom open to trying new ways of cutting her younger baby’s nails, we trusted her take.

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My dog is good about getting her nails clipped. Her favorite part is treat time afterwards. Luckily, you don’t have to be on a layover in Tokyo to find these clippers because, naturally, they’re available on Amazon. There, you can find review after rhapsodic review — about the smoothness of the movement, how ergonomic its handle feels, or the way the blades glide through even the gnarliest toenails. (While it works on fingernails, the extra-wide tool is best suited for toes.) In general, the only complaints are about its price, which, to be fair, is a little steeper than what Americans are probably used to paying. But the cost of two Chipotle burrito bowls (without guacamole) is a small price to pay for the most precise at-home manicure you’ll ever experience.

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Not exactly an answer, but my kids at roughly that same age would FREAK about having their nails clipped – but if I did it in the tub? They were totally cool. So, to this day, I still do it while they’re in the tub. Maybe they’re so busy with tub activities it doesn’t bother them as much? Occasionally they’ll need a random clip while dry, and it is a struggle. So bath is the way to go for us.

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Secondly, a top-rated nail clipper won’t leave those pesky little nubs near your cuticles on the edge of your nail (especially your toe nails). Instead it should be able to cut those little nubs clean off.2. Design meets function: Before getting started, tuck the tool into its plastic sheath, which will catch your clippings and make cleanup easy. You’ll find a file on the reverse of the steel lever, to help round out nails after each trim.Conversely you can of course use a toe nail clipper on your hand – however the oversized head coupled with the cutting power makes it hard and somewhat dangerous when cutting nails that are pressed against your cuticles.When cutting your fingernails, be certain you’re using one of those smaller, rounded-blade clippers; they’re the ones designed for fingers, and they work well on your smaller toes. (.) The large, straight-blade nail clipper in your dopp kit is for your big toe.