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I frequently get asked what type of dragon is a "fancy" morph. Fancy is not a morph, its an adjective. Fancy dragons have no set traits, it is simply a way of describing bearded dragons that might be a different morph than a classic/standard dragon. This basically means they don't know the genetics, but it can look different than the other classic dragons. Also is thrown around a lot, be aware that there is no such thing as a bearded dragon. There is however a species called a or which is an entirely different reptile, related to Bearded Dragons. Also I have seen breeders make up the most ridiculous labels for dragons like "Blood Red Morph" and "Super Citrus Super Tiger Morph" these are not actual morphs. Keep in mind Color and morph are 2 different things. And "super" is not a legitimate morph, its an opinion. I hate to see anyone pay more than they should for a regular Classic dragon with no special morph because a breeder told them the dragon is something it is not. Color, pattern and morph will always affect the price of a bearded dragon, especially from high end breeders. But don't let yourself get taken advantage of by spending more money for something that is just a made up name or photo-shopped in color. Do your research.

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Aqueon Bearded Dragon Package Regular Price $199.99; Savings of $30.00 & Red Citrus Bearded Dragon Regular Price $89.99 with package purchase. Total Savings: $119.99

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Does anyone know what the going price for a Citrus/Tangerine Rainbow/Tiger (or something like that) bearded dragon

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