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How to make Christmas cards: Cut two heart shapes of different colors of papers for a woven heart. Gingerbread man cookie cutter as a stencil. Cut triangles for a Christmas tree. Cut tall triangles for small Christmas trees.

Paint Chip Christmas Trees | 20 + DIY Christmas Cards for Kids to Make

Display your Christmas cards and photos by tucking them into this fleece-covered tree you can keep on a tabletop or hang on a wall.

What You'll Need:

Craft knife
2 large pieces of corrugated cardboard, at least 26 by 26 inches
1 yard of green fleece fabric
Hot-glue gun
Seed beads
Star-shaped sequins (with holes)
Straight pins
Jewelry or other pliers
Duct tape
Stapler (optional)

How to Make It:

Use a craft knife to cut the cardboard into 2 matching triangles with a 26-inch base and height. Cut the fleece into 2 triangles as well, one the same size as the cardboard triangles and the other about 2 inches longer on each side. Center the smaller piece of fleece on the larger one, then stack the cardboard triangles atop the fleece.

Hot-glue the edges of the larger piece of fabric around the cardboard, folding the corners as shown.

Turn over the cardboard and crisscross strips of ribbon across the front. Be sure to leave a few inches hanging over each side so you can glue them to the back.

To secure the ribbons in place, slip a bead, followed by a sequin, onto a pin (one for each ribbon intersection), then push the pins through the front of the cardboard where the ribbons cross.

Flip the board over again and use pliers to bend the end of each pin against the cardboard (a parent's job), then cover each pin with a square of duct tape. Now glue the ends of the ribbons to the back of the triangle, and let the glue dry completely.

To display your card holder, lean it against a wall or staple a loop of ribbon to the back for a hanger.


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Christmas Tree Pop-Up Card Tutorial

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