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A chinchilla does not run themselves to death in the wild and will not do so in captivity! Even if a chinchilla isn't on the move every minute the cage door is open they are still being offered their freedom - freedom to choose to exercise outside the cage or not, freedom to have some control over their life - to go where and when they want to. You will come to see the positive effects of regular exercise as your chinchilla's bonds with you and trusts you knowing they will be allowed exercise out of their cage environment regularly.

An exercise pen will allow extra space for your chinchilla to roam around.

These pets shouldn’t be kept in small cages. Caroline Charland, founder of The Bunny Bunch () rabbit, guinea pig and chinchilla rescue, which has an adoption center in Fountain Valley, says rabbits need at least a 4-by-6-foot exercise pen, guinea pigs a 4-by-3-foot plastic-bottom cage and chinchillas a three- to four-story cage with ledges – chinchillas are high jumpers. Because they all require playtime out of their habitats, it’s also important to chew-proof your home. They will all need special toys designed for their specific needs, and it is also highly recommended that they be kept in pairs or trios.

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Make sure your chinchilla has a spacious living area, such as a cage or an exercise pen Allow the chinchilla to run free occasionally. Just like other pets, chinchillas need plenty of time out of their cage or exercise pen to run around and explore. Before you let your chinchilla run free, however, chinchilla-proof your home by covering all wires and cords with plastic tubing, which you can generally find at most home improvement stores.

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Chinchillas, especially females are frequently more domineering and territorial than males and you may notice your chinchilla (male or female) 'mark' an exercise room by urinating in the corner. This generally doesn't happen if their cage door is open but if this becomes a continued problem put a towel down where the chinchilla urinates and replace the towel daily.

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Good for chinchillas, ferrets, rabbits and other rodents. This playpen provides a safe and contained area for your pet to play and exercise. Offers easy assembly - no tools required This playpen has 8 panels, 18"L x 29"H, which equals a 10 sq ft D area. Bar spacing is 7/8". I do not recommend leaving your chinchilla in here and walking away, they may be able to jump it.Exercise during playtime is one of the most important times in a chinchilla’s day. Chinchillas must be provided with exercise time every day for their health and happiness, this is mandatory for proper chinchilla care. It’s especially important to provide exercise time outside of their cage if your chinchilla has a smaller cage. One of the best ways to provide this exercise is to have a dedicated space in your home that’s chin-proof where you chinchilla can run, jump, and play with toys. One of the easiest ways to create this space is with chinchilla playpens.