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the and especially the shape since it doubles as a great fetch toy for you active pup. These products are also more effective than others for cleaning your dog’s teeth and keeping them strong. Nylabone also offers edible chew toys and rawhide ones if that’s what you and/or your dog prefers. These toys are also some of the cheapest.

Aug 10, 2015 - Run to Costco to get a bag of Nylabone Dog Chews for super cheap

My 58 pound pit mix loves this antler! She loves antlers and won’t have anything to do with bones. I went searching for a cheaper alternative and came across the nylabone antler. I’ll be buying many more!

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I went searching for a cheaper alternative and came across the nylabone antler. I have three dogs, all of which are aggressive chewers. Two of them will destroy a rawhide in a matter of twenty minutes, while the other is uninterested in them entirely. Strangely, he loves Nylabones. They're appealing to all my dogs, which is a big plus, and it is much cheaper to keep them in Nylabones than rawhides and other chews. They will spend up to a couple hours a day chewing on their Galileo bones, and if they were to each have one rawhide every day, that's only twenty minutes of activity for them. If I left rawhides out constantly, two of my dogs would gorge themselves and probably wind up sick, with me broke because I spent all my money on bones.

Nylabones are the perfect solution for my dogs. They're also less inclined to get excited over these than other chews, so they don't even consider getting snippy with each other over them. So when I have three bones available, and they all want the same one, I don't have to worry about them getting too excited and causing problems. The only downside is they tend to get dirt from the floor stuck in them, and can look pretty gross after a few weeks. The pits and chewed out spots make them hard to scrub clean. The dogs definitely don't care!

Nylabone Healthy Edible Bacon Dog Chew Giant

We went through a LOT of chew toys (most landed in the garbage shortly after purchase) before we realized that just because the packaging on a bone/toy/ball says "made for strong chewers" doesn't mean it's really true.

Boomer spends a lot of time chewing (thankfully, his attention is only directed toward his own toys!). The only products that have maintained their presence in our house are:

1) The original, supertough Nylabone (though he rips up some pretty sharp edges after a few weeks of constant chewing and we have to replace it)

2) A small/medium tirebiter that he can't get a good enough grip on to rip off chunks

3) Booda bones - the thicker the better

4) "Kong" brand toys - the one you can stuff with treats and the large bone

5) Super-tough tennis balls, made for dogs. He'll usually crack it after a few weeks of playing, but they're cheap so we don't mind replacing them!

6) "Molecuball" and "Buster Cube". Extremely noisy, but also great for keeping him busy for awhile.

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moop's on a nylabone kick this week and has chewed up his 3 nylabones. i want to buy him some more... any ideas where i can get them for cheap!?
thanks, Em