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Bar chewing is usually less of a problem if you house your hamster in a good sized environment with lots of toys. Some bar cages have unpainted metal bars which mean they are prone to rust when coming in contact with a hamster’s saliva. Cages can range in price and quality dramatically. From the cheap no-brand cages to the premium quality ones like the ‘’ from Savic.

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is essential if you value your peace and quiet! Most standard hamster wheels that come included with some hamster cages are simple plastic axle mechanisms that rub with friction. Cheaper wheels can become very noisy needing constant lubrication.

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cheap hamster cages Here is a simple, cheap, DIY hamster bedding. Like I suggested in the video, I would use toilet paper. I have not tried with tissues, but you can do that too. Paper towels are more expensive, but I think that would work.

Safe paper:
- Toilet paper
- Packing paper
- Regular paper (office paper)
- Paper towels
- Tissues
- Paper printed with soy ink

Just make sure they're non-scented!

Also, after the balls of bedding dry, crumple it until it looks like bedding.

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now and then I'll find a hamster cage at Good Will for pretty cheap.

The cage is made of lightweight, yet durable materials. This means that even a child can carry it. However, with the dimensions being 8 x 12.5 x 7.5 inches, the cage is meant only for small animals, such as dwarf hamsters. If your pet is a Syrian hamster, Hagen Living World Pet Carrier would be a better solution. Still, all considered, Kaytee CritterTrail Portable Petite Habitat is one of the best carriers you can find on the market today. On top of everything it provides, this cage is also among the cheapest.

Here is a simple, cheap, DIY hamster bedding

this is my whole collection of homemade toys and other stuff you could use to make toys for your hammy! personally, i think hamsters prefer homemade toys over store-bought plastic toys because it's more natural for them;) plus they're cheap and easy to make!The is certainly not cheap, but this is one of the best cages for a lone Syrian hamster or a couple of dwarfs! You will rarely find it inside stores. It is a perfect size for a lone Syrian hamster and more than meets the minimum size requirements for the USA and Europe.