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It's to prevent formula milk companies from taking advantage by enticing women to try cheap formula milk - it's very hard to revert to breast milk once the baby has changed its suckling embouchure - they have used this tatic before (particularly in Africa) as a means of getting guaranteed custom for 6 months.

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Buy whatever is cheapest, and has iron. Start with cow's milk based formulas and if you switch to anything else, you should chat with me. It can be confusing, and the companies that make these products are are constantly changing the recipe. You can switch within a "class" (like cow's milk or soy) at will. A little formula primer:

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168 Results - Great but Cheap Baby Milk Formula, Cheap Mother & Kids,Home & Garden, as well as Cheap and more If you have stoppered breastfeeding but want the best for your baby (nutrition wise), Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk is ideal. Even though cheap, for instance, you get a calcium-rich formula that promotes better bone development in the early stages of life. It is also rich in vitamin D and other essential nutrients that will help your baby to grow stronger.

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Nestle NIDO Kinder 1+ is another formula for finicky toddlers who make faces while eating healthy food. The formula provides all nutritional requirements that toddlers need as they transition from breast milk to the family diet. It contains and an exclusive blend of fiber that helps maintain your child’s digestive system. The formula is relatively cheaper than most of the formulas found in the market. You can also mix it with the baby cereals and smoothies. Note- Nestle NIDO Kinder 1+ Powdered Milk Beverage is not for kids under one year of age.

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