Veiled chameleons have specific care requirements

As these fascinating lizards are also kept as pets, so before brining theme home, you must know well about what do chameleons eat. Primarily all the species of chameleons are insectivorous animals, which feed by ballistically projecting their long tongues to capture the prey present at some distance. Their tongues reach the prey within the fraction of a second and hold the prey by forming a small suction cup at the bulbous ball-like muscular tip. It has recently been discovered that the smaller of these lizards have proportionately larger tongues than those found in other species with larger body sizes. Sometimes, they also consume greenery for the sake of brining variety in their diet. When you are feeding your pet chameleons with insects, do be careful of the ladybugs that are toxic. Additionally, they shouldn't be fed with the same kind of food all the times, as they get bored and stop eating. So, bring variety in their diet and feed the adults less often than those of the juveniles and hatchlings. It is because if the adults are kept a bit hungry, they will always have interest to eat something.

Veiled Chameleon Food List (Insects) Crickets ( 69% moisture, 1% ash, 21% protein, 6% fat) Dubia Roaches ( 61% moisture, 2% ash, 28% protein, 7% fat) Horn Worms ( 85% moisture, ?% ash, 9% protein, 3% fat) Butter Worms ( 58% moisture, 1% ash, 16% protein, 5% fat) Locusts (65% moisture, 1% ash, 20% protein, 11% fat)

Panther chameleons will readily accept almost any feeder insect. Some common feeder insects include crickets, roaches, walking stick bugs, silkworms, super worms, mealworms, wax worms, hornworms, butter worms and flies. Each feeder insect has its pros and cons. Some can be fed daily, while others should be offered only as treats. The most common daily feeder is the cricket, which is also the easiest to acquire. The rest of the food items listed above should be offered only as treats.

A well-balanced veiled chameleon diet consists of: ..

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Shopping list for needed supplies.

By simply walking into the produce section of your local super market, you will see many foods that can be incorporated into your lizard's diet. Whether they cause gradual or immediate ailment, you should be wary of . Before introducing a new item, it's best to do a little research to ensure the item is safe. Here is a list of healthy foods to feed your Veiled Chameleon:

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