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Proper dust is not the only thing needed to bathe chinchillas. A chinchilla duster is necessary. The dusters that ranchers use is typically a metal box that is open on one side. Dust is placed in the bottom of the duster which is then put into the chinchilla’s cage. Other items can be used in place of the metal duster. Some suggestions include a plastic shoe box, a one gallon glass fish bowl, or a one gallon pickle jar. Store bought, house shaped, plastic dusters are available and are fine for use. Never leave a plastic duster in the cage for more than the time it takes the chinchilla to bathe. If the chinchilla chews on the plastic and swallows some, it could cause a blockage in the chinchilla’s intestines. This could be deadly. Some stores sell ceramic dusters which look like cute little animals. They are not recommended since even the largest of these are too small for an adult chinchilla to properly bathe.

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Give Your Gerbils A SandbathGet a small bowl for your gerbils' The movie of Suzie was shot with a very large bowl so you could see her rolling in the sand. You won't need such a large bowl. A ceramic cat dish will work just fine. Pick something that is heavy enough not to be tipped over. Avoid plastic as well as anything with sharp edges.The safest, best sand to use for sandbaths is chinchilla sand. You can find this at your local pet store. You can also order it online from stores, such as . Do buy chinchilla dust. It is a fine powder rather than a sand. Not only will it make your gerbils look like they crawled out of a volcano, but it can also harm their respiratory systems. Always check that the product you buy is chinchilla , which is perfectly safe for gerbils.

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The Ceramic Chinchilla Bath makes for a delightful dusting experience for classy critters Buy Now TOP Cheap Ceramic chinchilla bath in Online Store TheFindom with Free Delivery in US, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Europe.

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The first thing a proper chin owner needs is a container in which the chinchilla can take their dust baths. You can find the right sized containers at your local pet store, which are usually made of ceramic or plastic. The average dust bath container can go for as much as $15-$25, which can be a little pricey for a simple container. The other option is the cheaper, yet just as effective container that I myself use with my chinchilla Caesar. I use a simple mop bucket that you can find at virtually any store, like Wal-Mart or Target for a couple of dollars. No matter what method you use, make sure that your chinchilla’s dust bath container is only used for his or her dust baths and nothing else.

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Anywho, my question is about bath houses ... I really like the ceramic ones that have the little ears on top. However, I have seen some reviews that their chinchillas were too big for them ... Is it nomal that chinchillas are too big for these bath houses and I should get something else? If so, what is the best bath house out there?Ceramic Chinchilla Bath 2pcs, Super Pet - Add Critter Bath Dust and watch your pet flip and frolic while performing exciting, educational, and entertaining dust bathing behaviors. Chew proof ceramic bath house fits inside any cage to neatly contain dust and sand. Critter-shaped bath house comes in four pastel colors: lavender, green, blue, and yellow." 3.5 x 3.5 x 4.25Ceramic bath for chinchilla sold by ZoostuffShop. Shop more products from ZoostuffShop on Storenvy, the home of independent small businesses all over the world. The ceramic dust bath container shaped like a chinchilla, we feel isWAY too small for a dust bath because chins cannot roll around in it. However, the container does make a superb hay feeder! They can't get in itwhen it's stuffed with hay, so they can't pee in the hay, and the hay is wellcontained, but freely accessible and you can stuff a lot of hay inside so it'sappropriate for a single chin or a pair. As with any heavy object, werecommend this sit on the lowest level of your chinchilla's cage to avoid itfalling off a shelf and injuring your chinchilla.