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From hamsters to rabbits, Carefresh Complete diets meet the specific needs of each species. They're made to stimulate the natural desire to forage with healthy food that's free of artificial colors and flavors. With bites of 10 real fruits and veggies like apples, zucchini, cranberries and carrots, Carefresh Complete is full of the good stuff—not decorative junk food pieces.

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Since 1985, small animal owners have trusted Carefresh for products that cater to the specific dietary and behavioral needs of these loving little creatures. Their natural bedding is the only brand that's made from scratch using naturally absorbent paper fibers. And to keep your small pet energized and playful, Carefresh created nutritious Complete foods tailored to each species. They harvest only the first, premium cut of Timothy and Alfalfa hays that are packed with vital nutrients in perfect balance. Carefresh truly provides the best holistic care for small animals.

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A division of Healthy Pet, CareFresh offers natural bedding for small mammal pets with excellent odor control and absorbency. Made If I recall correctly the Carefresh Natural contains kiln dried pine shavings. So all though some of the dangerous phenols have been removed, not all of them have been. It may be cheaper but it may not be quite as safe as any of the other carefresh products.

I've always used the "Natural" brown Carefresh for my piggies

Now with even better odor control and absorbency, CareFRESH’s premium soft bedding, made from natural cellulose fibers, is safe and comfy for all small pets.

Carefresh Custom Guinea Pig & Rabbit Natural Bedding

10-Day Odor Control. 3X More Absorbent than Shavings. 99% Dust Free for Easy Clean-Up. Natural without Compromise. carefresh® complete natural paper bedding is designed specially for small mammals and made from 100% sustainable and renewable paper fibers, never any post-consumer waste paper just shredded and put into a bag. All of our bedding products are also 100% biodegradable and compostable, so you get superior performance along with a product that's good for your pet and good for the planet.Carefresh natural is a premium, natural pet bedding made from safe, clean celluose fiber. It's free of inks, dyes, clay and other chemicals contaminants. It does not contain aromatic oils that exist in pine and cedar shavings. Carefresg Natural is tested for harmful contaminants and is sanitized to 380 degrees F to minimize bacteria, mold, and fungus. Premium CareFRESH bedding absorbs moisture, controls odor and provides a natural environment perfect for nesting, burrowing and foraging.