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By securing you in your seat, a seat belt protects you from being thrown into other people in the car and parts of your car. In addition, seat belts keep the driver in their seat so they can control the car.

seat belt protects you from being thrown into other people in the car and parts of your car.

There are 4 types of seat belts that you might encounter in anautomobile: the lap belt, the sash belt, the lap-and- sash, and the3-point harness. As the name suggests, the lap belt fastens around yourwaist and does not have a shoulder strap. Lap belts were more common inolder vehicles, and are usually found only in the back seats of oldercars. In an accident, they do not do as good of a job at distributingthe force of impact as other types of belts. Sash belts are anotherolder type of belt that is now rare. Sash belts were basically justshoulder straps, and they are no longer used because they are easy toslip out of in an accident. The lap-and-sash belts and the three-pointharness style belts are the safest. A lap-and-sash belt is really twoseparate belts, a lap belt and a shoulder belt. The three point harnessis similar, except that it is made up of one continuous piece ofmaterial and only has to be buckled once. These types of seat belt helpspread out the force of impact across the strongest parts of your bodyif you are in an accident. The three-point harness is the most commontype of seat belt in newer vehicles.

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the seat belts when driving, it is best to park the car first before adjusting the parts. In Europe and some other parts of the world, most modern cars include a seat-belt reminder light for the driver and some also include a reminder for the passenger, when present, activated by a pressure sensor under the passenger seat. Some cars will intermittently flash the reminder light and sound the chime until the driver (and sometimes the front passenger, if present) fasten their seatbelts.

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