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All dog owners know that dogs love very few things more than they love going for rides in the car. You only have to watch them sticking their heads out the window to see how much they like it! The only problem is, sometimes the excitement of the car ride can get dogs a little too frisky for the confined space in your vehicle. Not only can this lead to them making a disturbance, but it can also cause a safety hazard. It's never good when the dog decides he wants to stick his head out of the driver's window! Installing a protective barrier in your car can keep your dog from exploring where he shouldn't, helping to ensure the continued safety of you, your passengers and the dog himself.

Pet Mountain's Dog Car Barrier store features quality canine car accessories from some of the most trusted names in dog care products, including Outward Hound and Precision Pet. Placing a protective covering in your vehicle can not only help keep your dog safe, but it can also protect your car from intentional or unintentional damage by the dog. The helps give your pets a safe and comfy ride while keeping your back seat fur free! The Automobile Back Seat Hammock easily attaches between the front and back seats of most cars. The looks good, is easy to install, works great, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. The Vehicle Pet Barrier by Precision Pet Fits hatchback cars, station wagons, vans and SUVs with an interior height (floor to ceiling) of 27" to 47". If you need a little more barrier for your barker, the block the area between front bucket seats of any vehicle, as well as inside of vans.

I made this dog barrier for my car for about $30.00 dollars with parts from Home Depot.

Travall is the world's leading producer of vehicle-specific guards and dividers. We design and manufacture guards and dividers for more vehicle makes and models than any other company in the world. In such a competitive market you might be wondering what sets our guards apart from the rest. The answer is simple. Unlike many generically manufactured car barriers, each Travall Guard is designed and manufactured with your vehicle in mind. Engineered to give you the perfect fit, you’ll find our guards complementary to your vehicle’s interior. They're also free from the rattling, a common attribute of lower quality, universal barriers. Constructed using your vehicle’s interior specifications, our bestselling pet barriers are simple to install and to remove as needed.

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Amateur footage of the moment a police car crashed into barriers in Capitol Hill Washington. I have a small mixed breed dog (min-pin/pug)and does not travel well. Displays high anxiety and is all over the place in the car while I'm driving evan under my feet. I tried using a crate but I couldn't find one to fit in my 1991 Mitsubitschi Eclipse, hense this review. My car has a back seat but good luck getting into it which is what had to do to install the barrier. The first thing I discovered was the upper straps are too short. Their designed for headrests that raise and lower on poles. My headrests are part of the complete front seat. So the upper staps would not reach around the headrest and I had to improvise by cutting the extra length from the bottom straps and tie that to the upper straps and then it would reach. That was a pain! I suggest the maker of this product add about 2 ft. of length to both sides of the upper sraps.

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These are not necessarily required. A number of different methods exist, and the FTA clarification letter (see link in a different response, above) suggests rhere is some sort of motion sensor method, as well as on-car barriers.

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