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The easy to use product is safe to use for dogs and cats that are eight weeks old or older. A flea can easily jump from another pet onto yours. It contains lufenuron which is an insect development inhibitor. Kills lice and ticks. Not only is it of course uncomfortable for a dog to experience fleas, but at the same time you should expect it to affect their mood and behavior, to affect the quality of their skin and fur, to cause them other upset, to make them more vulnerable to other illness and more. Your pet can get as much as thousands of fleas living on its fur multiplying in numbers on a daily basis. A mistaken flea medicine could even kill your cat! Capstar contains the ingredient ‘nitenpyram’. If a product is specifically formulated for one type of pet, it may not be safe to use on any other species unless it explicitly says that it is suitable for both.

whipworm, fleas, ticks, lice; Capstar (Nitenpyram): Heartworm, fleas, ticks.

Capstar is an extremely effective treatment to kill adult fleas on your dog when you notice the infestation is starting. It does not really affect ticks but it is one of the most efficient product, usually prescribed by vets.

No, Capstar does not have any effect on ticks

Program works well in conjunction with Capstar to control fleas, especially for young kittens. Unfortunately, Program doesn't control or kill ticks. There are many products on the market for treatment and control of fleas and ticks that range from collars (Preventic), topicals (Advantix, Parastar), to oral (Comfortis, Capstar), just to name a few.

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A common concern among cat owners is fleas and ticks on their pets. Not only does it bother your pet, it can also cause irritation on human skin and make your house infested with them. To control fleas, ticks and other pests on your cat, check out the variety of products Medi-Vet has to offer. We stock the same medications and treatments as your vet at a lower cost, and you do not have to leave your home to purchase them. We are pleased to be a provider of top brands for treating fleas and ticks such as Advantage II, Capstar, Adams and Frontline Plus for Cats. Browse our selection of flea collars, tick removers, medicated shampoos, powders and sprays. Not only do we have solutions for fleas and ticks, but also lice, dust mites, flies and other pests. All of our products are pet friendly and safe to use around the home and outdoors.

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Bravecto is a relatively new product released in 2014 which can provide long-lasting protection from fleas and ticks (black-legged tick, American dog tick, brown dog tick and lone star tick), or treat existing infestations. It contains the active ingredient fluralaner, a type of isoxazoline which maintains protection for 12 weeks, meaning you only have to use the medicine as a preventative roughly once every 3 months. There is some discussion about its safety which we will explore from an unbiased perspective later in the article.

How does it compare to Comfortis and Capstar?

Comfortis and Capstar are two other popular flea treatments. Unlike Bravecto, Comfortis does not kill ticks and needs to be given every month, and Capstar is not effective as a flea preventative. Which medicine you choose will come down to personal preference and how well your dog tolerates each of them.
One of the safest products available for kittens to get rid of fleas is Capstar. This oral medication contains a chemical called nitenpyram, which begins to kill adult fleas in as little as 30 minutes. It only works for 24 hours and is easy for a kitten's body to process and eliminate from her system. The manufacturer's website lists Capstar as safe for kittens as young as 4 weeks old and weighing only 2 pounds. Many vets will cut the dose is half and use for kittens even smaller than 2 pounds, although be sure to talk to your vet before using Capstar for kittens under the recommended weight. Unfortunately, Capstar doesn't kill ticks, but it is one of the most effective and safest ways to get rid of fleas on kittens.