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That’s not the problem though. The recent comment section only “holds so many” recent comments-once they are off the right hand side of the screen, the only way to find new ones would be to go food brand by food brand and scroll through however many pages are under each one, since the comment will be threaded, and not at the top. Can you imagine if someone responds to a year old “original topic”? You will not know unless you scrolled through that many pages.

Yes. Visit our online  to help you choose which treat is just right for your dog. Or try our  using your dog's canned or dry food.

Try a food that is JUST meat if you are having potential food allergy issues. I would recommend wild calling. They have novel protein sources as well like duck, rabbit, bison, and even alligator! This would be a true elimination allergy test since it has only meat and vitamins/minerals as ingredients. I’m very sorry your pup is having issues. I know how frustrating it can be. You could also try a diluted iodine foot soak. iodine is wonderful because it kills yeast and bacterial infections, that may be a primary or secondary issue due to the licking. You could try adding Epsom salts to the foot soak as well. I would rinse the feet well though if you use salts so it doesn’t have a laxative effect if your dog licks it off.

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If you spend some time online and shop between the two sites, you can get great deals on bulk food shipped to your house free. Everyone loves convenience but there's only so much quality that can be preserved when companies start canning foods like BBQ chicken sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly, cheeseburgers and hot dogs. Then again, hot dogs even fresh are not the definition of fine food to begin with.

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The canning of food began early in the nineteenth century when Nicholas Appert, a French chef and candy maker, responded to a contest held by Napoleon Bonaparte. Bonaparte hoped to supply his troops with wholesome preserved foods when on campaign. Appert invented canning in glass containers in 1809. Britain, Napoleon's chief political adversary, rapidly responded. In 1810 the Englishman Peter Durand received a patent for food preservation. He used containers made of tin-coated sheets of iron hoping to produce a less breakable and more easily transported product. Durand was thus the inventor of the tin can, so called—although tin was only a coating intended to protect the underlying metal from the acids in foods. Canning expanded rapidly.

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