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from the Purina Research Report
"Dietary Protein and Renal Function: Results of multiple studies indicated that there were no adverse effects of the high protein diets." This report also includes information on metabolic acidosis and on the beneficial effects of omega-3 essential fatty acids in patients with chronic renal failure. The complete reports on each of the three studies mentioned in this report are available online, as follows: ; ; and . (I have copies of these if they cannot be found online).

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Extracts from Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy XII, with links to a number of abstracts
"In perhaps the most noted clinical trial examining effects of high protein diet on progression of CRD, groups of dogs diagnosed with CRD were fed either high protein diets or low protein diets. No significant difference was observed in the rate of progression of CRD in the high-protein group compared to the low protein group. Therefore, excess protein in the diet did not appear to compromise renal function even in the presence of high endogenous levels of protein associated with the disease. In fact, on an individual basis some of the CRD dogs in the high protein diet group faired better. This finding was postulated to be associated with the fact that protein is required for cellular repair and function."

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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Renal Support S Dry Dog Food The main goal of a homemade canine kidney diet is to feed your dog as little phosphorus as possible. The exact amount depends on the stage of your dog's kidney disease, so consult your vet for more details, but 10 milligram per pound of body weight is the limit for dogs with advanced renal failure. You'll be limiting the amount itself and also the proportion of phosphorus to overall calories. The canine kidney diet has very high fat and carbohydrates and lower protein because fat and recommended carbs add lots of calories and very little phosphorus.

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Also consider adding a whole food B and C vitamin to the diet. These two vitamins are “water soluble” and because of the excessive urination can become depleted if not supplemented. I use Standard Process Cataplex B and C. I also give Audrey a whole food multi as a precaution. I use Standard Process Catalyn. Standard Process also makes a whole food supplement specifically for dogs with kidney disease. It’s called Canine Renal Support — I HIGHLY recommend using it. I also give liver support also by Standard Process — Canine Hepatic Support. The liver can become overstressed in a kd dog.

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