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Kitty litter is another product that should never be flushed down the toilet. Not only are you flushing fecal matter and urine, but also clay and sand, which should never be flushed. Cat waste can carry toxins and parasites, which means you are flushing bacteria through your local water system. For or concerns about your home’s plumbing and what not to flush, call your local for answers to all of your plumbing questions.

can you flush kitty litter

Use litter that suits your needs as well as your cat's. For example, clumping clay litters are easy to clean but can kick up a lot of irritating dust. Fine-grain litters get trapped in kitty paws and tracked throughout the house, while larger-grain litters are less likely to. Flushable litters save you a trip to the garbage can, but their clumping effectiveness varies. If you experiment with a new litter, introduce it gradually by mixing more and more in with the old litter over the course of a week or two. Kitty still leaving traces of litter all over the floor? Give it a sweep once a day or so, but only when he isn't around -- otherwise, he could start associating the big, scary vacuum with his litter box.

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Can you flush kitty litter? Realize you could not be comprehensive and expect people to read it but, river otters are also at risk all over the country and many landfills are very close to rivers. Rats and feral cats run back and forth all the time and can carry toxoplasma gondii parasitic, also barriers often fail after rainstorms. I kayak past them and regulation is a joke. Not much difference there. If you really care compost in a rodent resistant bin. Also allowing your cat to go outside is just as bad if not worse than flushing feces down toilet. Outside cats do lots of other damage to the environment.
Once cats test negative for Toxo you and they are much healthier using a human toilet. One of my cats prefers h-toilet over litter tray and they smell much better and don’t have all that litter dust in their lungs and stomachs. I also like not having the dust on my pillow, furniture, counter-top etc. Save $200+ yr on litter that stinks up the rivers via faulty landfills…
Can mount toilet seat to plastic tote or box and never allow litter to go down toilet. Fully trained cat transitions to actual toilet beside tote. Or use sitz bath insert, alum roasting pan etc. There are many ways to toilet train a cat. In the wild some will naturally poop in a tree, some use window sills. Tray on the floor is not necessarily all that natural. Cat gets old you can mount padded toilet seat to a low broad plastic tote/box with shallow bucket/pan/sitz bath inside it. Throw in compost bin or flush and add more water 2x per day etc. Same with Sitz bath in human toilet. Kitty litter is unhealthy for all living critters.

It is cat litter that can be flushed down your toilet

Kitty litter should never be flushed down the toilet! Just because it goes away and you don't have to deal with it, doesn't mean it "should" be flushed. Pregnant women are discouraged from even touching litter because of the damage it can do to the baby, why would you want to put that into your water supply? Think green!! Go to and get bio-degradable cat pan liners, use feline pine or swheat cat litter and put the leftovers in your yard waste. Buy biodegradable cornstarch bags for dog waste and use those to dispose of your cat's droppings. They are inexpensive even at Petsmart.

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