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No. You may only choose one store per order when using Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store when items on that order are all available at one location. You can make separate, individual orders for different items based on their store availability if multiple stores are within your local area.

So when should you use “buy online, pick up in store” and when should you pass?

As ecommerce shopping grows more popular, major brands such as Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and Staples are scrambling to master the “buy online, pick up in store” model. There are a number of benefits to this shipping method, including more rapid and more cost-effective fulfillment.

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For MORE INFORMATION and FAQs on the Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store program, please see our. Now, aside from appealing to more consumers, are there additional benefits to retailers taking advantage of the buy online pick up in-store trend?

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Major retailer J.C. Penney thinks so. After seeing a major jump in the percentage of their online orders that were picked up in a local store, executives at the chain reported that 40% of those online shoppers buy more while visiting the physical local store to pick up their purchase. When customers visit J.C. Penney to pick up their order, these customers shop at the store and buy more items.

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Buy online now and pick up today at your local . Shop Tillys instore inventory and pick up your items same day. Save on shipping and get your order faster!All orders should be picked up from the Customer Service desk. Please reference your pickup notification email for specific pickup location details.

When you come to pick up your order, look for the designated "Buy Online, Pick Up in Store" parking spots near the front of the store. You will find these parking spots on the side of the store where the Customer Service desk is located. Don't worry if you have other shopping to do-there is no time limit!
Order and then pick up (or authorize someone else to pick up for you), with purchases ready in as little as two hours. Nice perk: Free assembly is available on select grills when you choose “Buy Online, Pick Up in Store.”A Mysterious Pattern Explained
What was going on? Why would implementing BOPS drive visitors—but not sales—to the website, while also increasing visits and sales at local stores? "We started thinking about what in the operations literature could possibly explain this behavior of people going more to the stores after this option was available," Moreno says, "and that was when we came up with the idea of reliability of inventory information." That is, customers might often be using BOPS not as a way to buy goods, but as a dependable way to check brick-and-mortar inventory. (In retail, this method is known as Research Online, Purchase Offline or ROPO.) Many customers may be disinclined to purchase an espresso maker or duvet cover online, where they cannot inspect the product. However, if they are given the option of purchasing the product online for pick up in a local store two hours later, they know it has to be in stock and can plan accordingly.