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You can purchase Frontline directly from your vet, in which case he will provide you with the specific type of the medication best suited to your dog. If you want to buy it yourself, you can do so from many local pet stores and chains as well as the Internet. Frontline is effective against adult fleas and ticks, while Frontline Plus contains a growth inhibitor that will eliminate eggs and larvae as well.

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I actually do the splitting of doses on my two dogs. We buy the largest vials to reduce cost and store it an a eye dropper bottle — you can purchase an empty bottle at your pharmacy. So the Frontline does not evaporate after opening as one person worried. The dropper itself has ml markings and we dose our dogs according to weight, one gets 1.3 ml and the other gets 1.5 ml. The only thing we do differently than the manufacturer recommends is we use it every 6 weeks instead of monthly. I suspect this might alleviate some of your concerns about overdosing your pet with chemicals. This works great for my dogs; not a flea on them or in the house in the six plus years we’ve been doing this. And someone mentioned the old fashioned way of flea dipping. We did that years ago with our Springer Spaniel. She still suffered miserably from fleas and they were all over the house until we discovered Frontline.

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Buy Frontline Plus for Dogs Online at lowest Price with free shipping to all over USA This topic was not whether consumers can be duped into buying bad products, or whether pesticides are healthy for dogs.
The main thrust of this topic was simply IF you choose to use Frontline Plus on your pet, then buy in bulk and divide into proper dosages.

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I buy the new PetArmor Plus only found at Sam’s and Walmart. It’s the exact same chemicals and amount as Frontline Plus. They cost the same for a box of 3 applications regardless of the weight you’re buying for, so it can be hard to find the extra-large doig size in stock. It has become popular to determine the correct amount and dose the dogs yourself.
I use .031 ml per pound of body weight on my 4 dogs, and I guaranteed 30 days without any problem on my 4 dogs!

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I have 6 smaller dogs and I've been using both Frontline Plus and the generic for about 10 years. I find that if I buy in the largest size, I can split the dosage among all 6 dogs. They have never had a flea among them. I live in Maryland in the USA and it's hot here in summer. Fleas can be a real problem. I highly recommend Frontline Plus and the generic. They work. If you have a severe flea problem, it is wise to first have your dogs bathed before you apply the liquid. I also have my dog yard treated for fleas with Sevin powder in the spring. So far, so good. You will save a lot of money if you purchase your dog supplies here. I have been doing so for MANY years. I recommend them all of the time. We've been doing this for 15 years. Saves a TON of money. With a French Bulldog and a Boxer we only have to buy one box of Frontline instead of 2. We share with my neighbor too which saves even more money! Plus, Frontline doesn't expire so you can save it from year to year. When you log on to buy "Frontline Plus" for your dog and/or cat you are overwhelmed by nearly 1,000 options. If you are like me you go through all the good deals & read their feedback, Etc. I bought a 6 pack of Frontline plus and it did NOTHING!!! Somebody needs to SHUT THIS COMPANY DOWN for STEALING our hard earned dollars!!! I paid OVER $106.00 for that 6 pack... Why is this company allowed to steal our money like this??? It's been said, "The fleas are resistant to the medicine this year." I say THEY CHEAPENED THE PRODUCT!!! Do NOT buy this product. IT DOESN'T EVEN KILL A FLEA EGG!!! RUBBISH!!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!