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Table 3. Buyer-harvester costs/acre for two cuttings of alfalfa/grass hay

Below are examples from for both alfalfa (dairy quality hay) and alfalfa/grass (livestock quality hay) using a formula that considers the buyer-harvester price/acre to offer and the landowner-grower price/acre to ask. Somewhere in the middle of these two projections lies a negotiated fair price for both parties.

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of hay cubes price, sundried alfalfa market place, mini hay cubes direct buy. For the past year I have used alfalfa as the bedding in my Coop. The reason for this is we have a alfalfa field behind our house. Since our only “livestock” are my chickens, we let a rancher friend hay it, in exchange for one large round bale. This is too big for me to use, so we trade it with the neighbors, who have a dairy, for several small cubes. Works great. Haven’t had any problem with the chickens. This year however, because of drought, the field wasn’t even worth cutting. I have been using wood chips instead. I miss having the alfalfa. I’m going to have to buy some, if I can find it. Bummer.

Need to buy chopped alfalfa/hay in Nashville TN

It’s nearly impossible to get alfalfa hay here. The horse people buy an entire field of it before it is harvested. I did get a bale once and kept it in the shed. I gave the hens one “flake” at a time. This winter I bought 2 large timothy bales for a wind break for them. Fortunately they don’t eat it, but one hen will stand by it, pull out pieces and throw them over her shoulder. She does that in the nest box as well. We are figuring out how to grow our own alfalfa next year. Now I just grow alfalfa fodder for the hens.

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Over the last decade, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates emerged as significant buyers of American hay as their governments moved to curb water use. Together they accounted for 10 percent of U.S. exports of alfalfa and other grasses last year.Alfalfa Express is focused on having your eyes on our product from its production through its delivery. Our outlet stores in Cumby and Whitesboro, Texas provide an element and mortar location for customers to come and , or order truckloads with the assurance that we will be there to see the delivery all the way through. A customer can come to our store and check out our hay before ever buying. The three different sizes of bales are the following: 2-string 65-70lb bales, 3-string 100lb bales, and 3x3x8 800lb bales. Alfalfa Express also offers some supplemental grains, mineral blocks, and premium alfalfa cubes. We endorse these products because of their feed value and supplemental use with the hay we supply. We supply hay at Cumby and Whitesboro, Texas. At Alfalfa Express, we try to be extremely flexible in our efforts to meet the customer’s needs. We specialize in customer farm and ranch deliveries in full truckloads, ½ Truckloads or anything less.Alfalfa Express offers three outlet stores for customer convenience. While you can always rely on fast and safe transportation from our distribution center, these stores are great for quick pick-ups and smaller order sizes. We currently have store locations in Cumby and Whitesboro, Texas. Here you can buy hay by the bale for quick convenience. You could also use these locations to check out the quality of our alfalfa hay before you place your full order. Purchasing a test bale is also a great way to acclimate your animals to their new feed before your order ships.To find out whether or not an alfalfa hay provider is capable of providing quality product, you should look around their website and/or call their offices to find out more about their farms and growing processes. Find out where their farms are located and how they transport their alfalfa hay to get a feel for their growing standards and caution in transportation. It will also be worthy to note how long they have been producing and how their company currently stacks up against others in the industry for customer service, value and product quality. Overall, doing a little online research and calling a few providers to compare service and quality will help you determine the best provider before you buy alfalfa hay.