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Depending on your dog's size and chewing strength, there's a Bones & Chews bully stick just for her. These dynamic treats are available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths to perfectly pair with your pup. And there's even a curly-shaped bully that offers a more challenging chewing experience.

Bully Bones by The Birthday Party, taken from the Peel Session recorded on 2 December 1981.

Bones & Chews Bully Stick 6" Dog Treats deliver a protein-rich chewing experience dogs absolutely love. These all-natural, all-beef chews are 100% digestible, making them a great alternative to rawhide. They feature an incredible natural flavor dogs crave, and even help to clean teeth and gums as your dog chews. These safe and healthy, single-ingredient treats have no additives, chemicals or preservatives.

Best Bully Sticks: Bully Sticks - All Natural Dog Treats and Chews

USA Bones & Chews Slim Bully Sticks provide a healthy chewing action for dogs of all sizes USA Bones & Chews bully sticks are the ultimate dog treats, delivering a satisfying chewing experience dogs love and a host of benefits they need. It all starts with a rich, natural taste they just can't get enough of. Add to that a tough texture that helps clean teeth and gums as your dog chews. And since these treats are 100% digestible, they're a great alternative to rawhide.

Bully Sticks - All-Natural Dog Treats & Chews - Best Bully Sticks

USA Bones & Chews Slim Bully Sticks provide a healthy chewing action for dogs of all sizes. These bully sticks are made from 100% USA beef. Each batch is slow-roasted with no added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives to ensure a tasty meat flavor.

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Better than most other chew toys: There is certainly no dearth of options when it comes to canine chew toys. From hard rubber to bones and from raw hide to bull pizzle, it’s all out there. But, bully sticks do beat most other toys hand down because they contain many trace minerals along with taurine which is an essential amino acid that will keep your pet healthy. Plus, you don’t have to bother filling out the center with a homemade treat like with some rubber toys. All, you have to do is open the packaging and let your dog have a go at his/her favorite treat.Bully sticks are high fat, so if you have a dog that is sensitive to fat levels that can cause loose stools. I like to give consumable bones and also to stuff Kongs and then freeze them.An astonishing 70% of the pet owners who bought bull pizzle treats for their dogs were against using any toy or food that contains animal by products. Here is the truth- bully stick is all animal by product. So, if you have a problem about feeding your pooch bits of flesh and bones that are not suitable for human consumption, then this would not be the right product for you. (excerpt below) click on link for full article.
Cow hooves and pigs ears are what the name implies.
Marrow bones are from the long bones of cows and pigs.
Rawhides are the skin of cows.
Antlers come from either deer or elk.
So what do you think bully sticks are? Think about this one. Give up? They are bull penises! Hmm.
There are some dangers with all of these items. All of these have the potential and can cause intestinal obstructions, but equally important are the dangers that come from the way these are processed. They are first soaked for hours in a caustic lye solution to digest the undesirables off the skin and then to remove the lye the skin is then soaked in bleach solution. Sounds yummy. Many of the rawhides come from China where they have been known to use arsenic compounds to preserve them.
There is no regulation of rawhides or pigs ears. You really have no idea where these come from.
Marrow bones and antlers cause many broken teeth. A good rule of thumb is if you don’t want me to hit you in the kneecap with it, your dog should not be chewing on it. I can not tell you how many expensive extractions are the result of dogs chewing bones.