I think all dogs would love Bully Sticks!!.

My dogs would LOVE to try these bully sticks!!!! They love to chew and I can’t imagine anything better for them to chew on. I believe they would prefer the braided bully sticks but I am sure they would love ANY of them.

Try a different bully stick each day and keep your dog naturally healthy and happy.

1) Bully Sticks naturally help to clean dog teeth. Dental health for dogs is extremely important and Bully Sticks do their part to remove plaque and tartar. Dog chews aren’t a replacement for brushing. Make sure to brush regularly!

Love bully sticks. They keep both my dogs entertained and stimulated.

Looking for more information on Bully Sticks? Read the top bully stick questions below: The beauty of Bully Sticks is the many shapes, sizes, and thicknesses they come in. Whether your dog is a passive or aggressive chewer, you’re sure to find one perfect for their needs. Braided Bully Sticks, long Bully Sticks, and thicker Bully Sticks are great for a long lasting chew.

My dogs love Bully Sticks. Hard to find ones only made in America

Since our Bully Sticks are made with a single ingredient, beef pizzle, they are a 100% beef dog treat. Being made with only beef muscle means that they’re a natural treat that is completely digestible. Bully Sticks do not cause blockages in a dog’s stomach; they get completely broken down.

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When used as ingredients in dog treats, animal byproducts like trachea, lung and gullet are candidly marked on Natural Dog Company's packaging, as they are on many competitors' products. But bully sticks are usually called just that, leading, as one 2013 Tufts University poll discovered, to confusion even among veterinarians about what a bully stick really is: , compared to 44 percent of the general public.Bully Sticks can last for up to two years or more from when they are produced and are known to be a very hardy product. Our stock rotates extremely quickly, and we ensure that every stick we ship will have at least a 1.5 year remaining shelf life upon receipt.In other words, lots of people don't even know that their dogs are eating a lot of bull penises. Experts say it's usually fine in terms of health, , but we had other lingering questions for Goodnow: All of our bully stick products are made out of bull penises. This includes our 6" and 12" bully sticks, our curly bully sticks (penises spun in a spring shape), our braided bully sticks (three bull penises braided together), our full cane bully sticks (bull penises that are uncut -- that range from 36" to 48" long) and many other bully stick products. As far as chew time for your pups, this really depends on your breed and their level of aggressiveness (or enthusiasm, as we like to say) when chewing the product. We have found that many of our bully sticks, given to the appropriate sized dog, will last from several hours to several days.

Looking for more information on Bully Sticks? Read the top bully stick questions below:Our are single-ingredient items made from 100% natural free-range cattle pizzle. Some vendors will create manufactured products that look like bully sticks, but are a cocktail of chemicals. Sometimes inferior vendors of bully sticks will wash them in chlorine or other chemicals to remove or attempt to cover up the smell of a poorly manufactured product.

Looking for more information on Bully Sticks? Read the top bully stick questions below: